The Republican Party is Now the RePUTIN party

As I’ve been trying to explain to the optimists here, Mueller is just scratching the surface. It’s not just Trump that is flirting with Putin; it’s the entire Republican party.

Russian oligarchs are taking advantage of Citizens vs United to donate money to political causes.

Meanwhile Russia has infiltrated the NRA.

And now this:

Oh, I think we get it now. The Senate wants to be on record as acknowledging their concerns about Russian meddling…while at the same time traveling in secret to cement better relations with an autocrat who has violated the territorial sovereignty its neighbors.

Oh, okay, says the Senator who’s state is about to get fucked up the ass with tariffs that even conservative economists agree are awful.

Right, says the senator whose state probably stands to be exposed the most with a trade war with China. Just trust the president’s Russia thaw.

Oh, but wait for it. Wait for it.


See Nazi Germany and Czechoslovakia. Anyway, I digress…

Wait for it, wait for it…

Translation: Looks like Russia told Kennedy (and the entire American delegation) to suck on his kielbasa. And laughed it off all the way, because they know that Republicans want Russian oligarch campaign cash.

There you have it folks: Russia is now a donor to the Republican party. This is so much deeper than Trump. The Republican party is a party of international oligarchs.

Here’s my WAG: the right-wing American establishment see China as the long-term enemy. And who will help them contain China? Not Canada, not Europe, and not even their best buddy Australia. Only Russia might help them deal with China.

Yeah its not too surprising that the Republican reaction to Russian interference isn’t “How dare they!” but rather “How can I get me some of that action?”

So the Republicans have finally stopped being paranoid about the Russians? That is good news. We really are going to need all the allies we can get to counterpoise the growing power of a China looking in the 21st century to extend its influence over the whole globe.

Remember the Russian nerve agent attack in the UK a few months ago? Another couple seems to have run across the same nerve agent. Amesbury poisoning: Novichok victims 'handled contaminated item’

Of course, Jeremy Corbyn and some Republicans will keep screaming that we have no proof it’s the Russians

So, uh, the United States is part of the UK because people in the territory speak English, amiright?


What good is stopping China when you’re entering an unholy alliance with a head of state that invades neighboring countries and has contempt for the very democracy you supposedly participate in? China probably has more to do with your employment and/or retirement portfolio than Russia. But you’re concerned about China?

Stop trying to spin collusion and infiltration as some sort of alliance. That “paranoia” you claim was entirely justified, seeing as they were trying to (and possibly succeeded in) secretly hijacking our elections. We’re currently in the middle of an investigation that has already resulted in arrests, along with plenty of proof of collusion by people in the current administration.

Stop ignoring reality to fit your agenda. You can’t ally with a country that is currently trying to destroy us.

Oh, and Russia’s economy isn’t that great. We’d do better allying with other countries. Oh, wait, we were in the middle of doing that, and Trump scrapped it rather than trying to fix it, all the while destroying the allies we have by trying to undermine all of them. NATO and NAFTA are being attacked.

So don’t try and spin it as if we’re actually doing this about China. It’s just about Republicans putting party over country. The head of the party is soft on Russia, likely due to collusion, and so they have to be on his side. So they, like you, spin it.

Reality exists. Stop trying to pretend you can change it with alternate facts.

Not to mention this improved relationship with Russia is degrading relationships with our long established NATO allies. So we gain 1 friendship and lose 20, is this what winning looks like?

Accepting bribes from somebody doesn’t make them your ally. It makes you their employee.

Allies work together for a common goal. People who are paying you bribes expect you to work on their goals.

I don’t know.

I wouldn’t want to be allied to Putin’s mob; they’re not politically stable. Picking them over China, or (for maximum delusion) hoping you can point them at China, seems reckless to me.

But maybe these Republicans know that too, and are really just trying to have lines of communication set in place after Trump goes down, without actually buying in to the Putin paradigm. Maybe more “cooperation” than cooperation. I am trying not to assume that the professional politicians are stupider than I am. But they might just be that venal.

But as the idea of taking Putin’s money becomes more of a mainstream Republican thing, Putin’s influence will spread deeper. Russia will influence senate races, house races, governor’s races, and state legislative elections. Russian oligarchs will cooperate with American (and other international) oligarchs to disrupt the democratic interests.

The implications of this are chilling: we have a major political party - the one that controls the White House, that controls the US House, that controls the US Senate, and the one that controls 32 legislatures - being severely corrupted by a foreign power that is hostile to the U.S. and its democratic process. And that wants to see that process collapse into disarray. Another implication is that the longer this alliance continues, and as Republicans seeking Russian influence becomes more mainstream within the party, the more likely it is that they will get their instructions from these oligarchs, some of which might come from Putin himself. The Republican party is actively complicit in helping Russia destroy American democracy, and it is almost certain that this cancer is only going to spread within the party.


Fucking traitors, the lot of them.

Sen. Richard “Neville” Shelby (R-Ala.), Sen. Steve “Neville” Daines (R-Mont.), Sen. John “Neville” Hoeven (R-N.D.), Sen. Ron “Neville” Johnson (R-Wis.), Sen. John “Neville” Kennedy (R-La.), Sen. Jerry “Neville” Moran (R-Kan.), and Sen. John “Neville” Thune (R-S.D.).

They don’t believe that their behavior is traitorous because they no longer view international politics in nation-state terms. They have a common interest: oligarchal power over democratic power. This is just the beginning, and it’s why our democracy is in danger.

True if we really wanted to get serious about China we would form an agreement with most of their trading partners in the regoin to reduce their influence, some sort of trans-Pacific partnership. Too bad nobody thought of such a thing before now.


Our relationship with Russia is NOT improving. It never will. They are using Traitor Trump and the Traitor Party against us. Putin is getting everything he ever wanted. Trump and his toadies are making sure of it.