The results are in: IT professionals like Rush

This one too, er, neither.

It was a British poll?! Then what the fekking fek are Heart doing in the list at all? Heart are nothing over here, but they’re in ahead of Floyd and Zeppelin WTF?

And you’d have to pay me a LOT OF REAL MONEY to go to a frigging Marrilion gig.

Rush did do a song about elves, although I don’t think they are mentioned by name, IIRC.

The song is Rivendell.

This IT pro (out of work, but still trying) is a Rush fan.

Rush did some fantasy-type music, right up there with their science-fiction themes.

I’ve noticed a trend- Rush-philes love to play Rush so much that those who aren’t fans get annoyed, and those who don’t get the message in the songs just hear a shrill voice. I’ve stopped trying to convert those people; but my sons like Rush along with more “trendy” music. Obviously, Rush doesn’t suck as bad as many people say- how many other bands have been recording for 30+ years? Do the ones that have been around really suck?

I must make a comment about Rush’s prophecy skills. They were still under the impression that a big computer=a better computer. How quaint.


I assume the reference is to the lyric in Temples of Syrinx: “Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.” Maybe the computers aren’t that big, maybe the place is just filled with racks and racks of servers. :wink:

I’m a banker. Is there any sort of poll for that demographic? I’m expecting a lot of Eagles votes for some reason. :slight_smile:

Civil engineers love Rush, too.

Well, this one does.

Rush has always been a geek band. It comes as no surprise that people in geek jobs like geek bands.

And if loving Rush makes me a geek as well, then may I be a geek til I die! :cool:

Always been a geek, and Rush was the first music I heard that I actually liked .

Always been into computers, formally trained as a chemical engineer, but now working as an IT consultant - so add a vote for the ‘engineer’ category and the ‘IT’ category.

I can guess at the answer, but I wonder what the poll would show for most liked hard rock bands for people who are either active musicians, or people who at least played an instrument for a number of years in school. It’s well known that Rush is a musicians band, but I wonder what other names would round out the list.

I like Rush, but don’t love them. I’m just relieved that the thread was about the band, not the radio windbag. That would have scared me.

Back in the old days, when I was an oil geologist, I despised Rush.

Now that I’m a software developer, I kind of like them.


Then again, back then I thought Heart was an okay band. Now I can’t listen to them.

They even made their way into someone’s dissertation! If thats not geeky, then I dont know what is!

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Steelerphan, I’m starting to suspect you must have lived within earshot of my brother when we were growing up. “Earshot”, in this case, would be a 30 or 40 mile radius when he was playing Rush. :wink: My brother’s still a Rush fan and a successful electrical engineer; I’ve become a Rush fan (Don’t tell him!) and I’m another IT type, so it may check. Then again, I also like Meatloaf and some folk music, or does that get attributed to my being a former translator?

Just one thing. Kantaloopi, you nearly gave me a heart attack. You see, I’ve had a stressed out week at my non-IT job, and I read the title as " The results are in: IT professionals like Rush*! :eek: No-o-o-o-o-o!!!