The results are in: IT professionals like Rush

The Canadian band, that is.

Not terribly surprising, is it?

Well, who doesn’t like Rush?

The guy who wrote the column, for one thing…

This IT professional, for one.

Yo. Not that I’m in IT or anything.

I think the guy was kidding. They really are a love 'em or hate 'em band. I fall in the former category.

Yeah, and I hear 1 or 2 gay guys like Bette Midler.

And a couple of truck drivers like Willie Nelson.

I find it hard to believe that each and every Heart fan works in IT.

For the love of Jebus, you are quoting the Register!!! I know this is a fun thread, but still… = )

Especially for anything tech, the Register is crap. I’d rather get my info from the Enquirer.

BTW, I am a tech guy and I love Rush. = )

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the thread title was Fry’s statement on the Futurama episode where Earth gets attacked by video game characters.


Well, I started listening to Rush in high school back in the 70’s and became an IT professional about 10+ years later… so would that be considered “destiny”? :slight_smile:

Hmm. I want to go back to school. I know what I’m going to study.

-Denis, Rush fan for about 23 years.

Well, there are those who think that life has nothing left to chance…

IT guys are the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx. Their great computers do, after all, fill the hallowed halls…

heh heh I’m not IT, but I’m kinda a Web designer. Does that count? Rush fan since 1980.

This IT professional has never liked Rush, or most of the other bands on the list.

And wasn’t this a BRITISH poll? Don’t the British still pay to go to Marillion concerts as well? I find it hard to draw any conclusions about a potential similar American poll.

And this IT professional for two!

Sorry, but Rush has always come across as too light & silly for me. Too much:

♪ And the elves, ♪
♪ And the trolls, ♪
♪ And the castles in the sky! ♪

Too gay, artsy-fartsy and not enough hard rock. Spirit of Radio comes close but, how can I put this, Geddy Lee just does not have the voice for hard rock.

Plus whenever I see pictures of him I always hear, “I’ll get you my pretty!” in my head… :smiley:

Too light and silly? Rush? Jebus! Yes, songs about dead friends, censorship, and the fallacy of looking up to a rock band as an idol are fricking hilarious! Those nutty pranksters! (Anything even remotely conerning elves or castles in the sky came from Hemispheres and albums before. That’s over 25 years and 19 albums ago.)

And really, Rush has not been “hard” rock since Moving Pictures in 81, so Geddy not having a “hard rock voice” is kind of moot. So now, my crushing logic having broken your will, I expect you to surf over to Amazon immediately and buy all of Rush’s albums. Musical taste CAN be dictated by force!

However, I too will now also think “I’ll get you my pretty!” when I see a picture of Geddy with long hair.

Geddy still has long hair.

They still put out some “hard rock,” though they’ve expanded their range quite a bit over 30 years. As far as labels go, in interviews they seem most comfortable with the label “progressive,” since they like to experiment with different styles in a “hard rock” format.

Don’t like Geddy’s voice? Hi ho. Millions do.

They never did a song about elves. Maybe you’re thinking of the allegorical song, The Trees. Give it a listen. It is pretty thought provoking. Hint: it’s about conflict between the “haves” and the “have nots.”

Sure, Geddy’s kind of odd-looking. I think that’s part of his charm, along with the high voice.

As an addendum:

Sure, Rush is a “love 'em or hate 'em” band for most people I’ve met, but damn! some people who hate their style really get off the rails in their criticism. Don’t like 'em? Fine. Don’t invent shit to hate about them.

You haven’t heard Vapor Trails then?