Are there any Rush fans here? I just bought Rush in Rio dvd a couple of weeks ago and I was really impressed with it. I hope they wont quit touring because I would like to see them live again.

Don’t be silly no-one likes Rush anymore :wink:

run’s and hides from Coldfire’s impending attack

Hey, careful there Bippy, Coldfire’s not the only one left. :slight_smile: I’ve been a Rush fan for many, many years. Hemispheres and Permanent Waves are two of my favorite albums from any band. has some tour information up.

Yes I have been listening to Rush for a long time. Don’t forget 2112 and Clash of Steel. Just sometimes that damn voice gets to me. Rush is one of the better perfomance bands I have seen. Directv had Rush as obe of their month long freeview concerts about three months ago, was very good. Right now i am getting U2, Allman brothers and Pearl Jam and sometimes Kiss, wish they would ditch Kiss. I think that band knows four chords between all of the members and sometimes they even play all four in one song.

I can’t deny that Rush are great musicians. But it sometimes seems that they’re more concerned with showing off than writing tight, coherent rock songs.

I love Rush. I saw their tour last year, amazing stuff.

If I was interested in getting a good introduction to Rush- which album would you recommend to start with?

Power Windows

I stopped listening to Rush a long time ago.

Oh, you mean the band.

Signals was the last good Rush album. After that they lost the magic and stopped rocking as hard. Don’t believe me? Compare any old album pre Signals to any later album post Signals. If you don’t understand what I am saying, you aren’t much of a Rush fan. Ok, I admit that this just my opinion, bu I am right. (=
I might have liked their last album except for Geddy’s lame new roll the bonesish singing style.
JackaRoe: it is Caress of Steel not Clash of Steel.
Nvme77: Moving Pictures is a good one to start with.

You’re a fool.

Yes, Signals is good. But the period from Permanent Waves all the way through Roll the Bones represents some of the tightest, best playing and songwriting ever. They began to leave their overwrought pretentions behind and focused on writing songs instead of ‘art’ or ‘epics’.

By limiting the scope of what they tried to do they challenged themselves to become more than they were. And it showed in concert and on record.

Me? I’d start with either Power Windows or Permanent Waves.

My bona fides: Rush fan since 1980 or so. I’ve seen them more than 20 times (everytime they’ve come near me). Once time member of ‘The National Midnight Star’ (a fansize). Owner of more than 100 live concerts. Once spent 6 weeks learning the entire drum parts from Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures.

Bow before me.

I am a Rush fan from way back and I don’t care who knows it. My personal favorites are Permanent Waves, 2112, Moving Pictures, and Grace Under Pressure.

No need to be insulting Jonathan Chance.
One person’s pretentious epic is another person’s bliss. Not to mention that 1980’s Permanent Waves is before 1982’s Signals and therefore still in my list of Rush’s good albums. Pistols at 20 paces Sir!

Rush fan here - my favorites are “Hemispheres” and “Caress of Steel”. I love concept albums. :slight_smile:

Or, if you prefer we could just trade bootlegs (pre-Signals of course). (=

Different Stages is a three-CD live collection that covers the highlights of their 30-year career.

For studio sets, I’d say Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, or Signals would each make a great first album. I personally love everything beginning with these albums and continuing through Counterparts.

Johnathan Chance, I really need to meet you in person. We have so many intersts in common (but I want to hear your Rush concert recordings!)

I’ve been a Rush fan since 2112. (Sounds like I’m that time-traveling guy!) I’m working on a Neverwinter Nights module based on an old PnP D&D adventure that I authored, inspired by and about By-Tor and the Snow Dog. I’m guilty of driving people mad by playing the same Rush tapes over and over again.

I’ve only seen them in concert twice, and if they tour again I really will try to go.

Rush’s biggest detraction is that they do not care if their music is “popular.” What some call pretense others see as depth; Rush has a willingness to tackle the problems of life with strong lyrics and portentous music. This has led to the ostracizing of the group as far as rock awards and accolades. However, many other musicians seem to be drawn to and inspired by their prowess in musicianship.

I think I’ll go soon and listen to Vapor Trails in my car as I run some errands.

Hey Steelerphan, they’re touring next year! Guess I’ll see you there :wink:

A Farewell to Kings is my favorites album and “Xanadu” is my favorite song (and I always have to say, "No, dammit, not the Olivia Newton-John/ELO piece of crap!).

I think people who dismiss them as “pretentious” or “self-indulgent” are just being cynical. Some people worry too much that others won’t think they’re cool if the music they listen to isn’t “tough” or “edgy” enough. They forget that music is simply supposed to sound good.

I like everything they did up thru Hold Your Fire, after which they started to go downhill IMO. I’ll confess I didn’t like Vapor Trails much at all.

My own little Rush-related story:

When commuting to my previous job location, the travel distance was the exact length of Signals. I would leave my driveway to “Subdivisions” and pull into the parking lot hearing “Countdown”.