The best Rush album...

…is obviously Permanent Waves, and yet the rock criticism community continues to insist that Moving Pictures is their masterpiece. What do they hear that I don’t hear? I like M.P. of course, but it has nowhere near the range or outright creativity that P.W. does. Is it that I’m a sucker for odd time signatures?

Permanent Waves?!

Where have you been, faithful Rush fan?

Clearly, the best album they ever produced is Caress of Steel. A close second is Hemispheres

There are other greats, like A Fairwell to Kings, Permanent Waves, and 2112. Moving Pictures is up there, but is clearly far from their greatest work. And after Signals, all of their albums started to lose that special something that drew me to them in the first place.

As for the rock criticism community, all they care about is sales. You are not missing anything - in fact, you should start to worry if your tastes start to coincide with those held by the rock criticism community.

BTW, I’m glad to say that I do NOT think I am going bald!




Although, the last four songs on Counterparts is as good as any 15 minute stretch they’ve ever done.

As if I could stay away from this one…ha…just try and stop me.
I have so many favorites…let’s see, there’s their first self titled album, Hemispheres, 2112, Moving Pictures, Signals, All the World’s a Stage, (although that one should’nt really count, I guess.)
How can you narrow it down to just one? Their music and lyrics are in a class of their own.

Rush, at their best, are brilliant. Unfortunately, they tend to be at their best for only 3 tracks on any given album.

“Hemispheres” is the one and only Rush album I liked from start to finish, so that’s their best album, in my book… though I can think of numerous songs on other Rush albums that I like much better than anything on “Hemispheres.”

Roll the Bones, but one of my favorite tracks is Chemistry off of Signals

Without a doubt, the best Rush album is indeed “Moving Pictures”. Followed by, in order but all very close, “Hemispheres”, “2112”, “Counterparts”, “A Farewell to Kings”, and “Grace under Pressure”. That concludes all the absolutely brilliant albums. The rest of their work is merely very, very good.

(Yes, I do have my less favourite Rush tracks, and albums even. But that’s another thread.)

Did anyone here see my review of Signals I posted a while ago? (yes, Coldie, I know you saw it…)

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I second Presto. It marked a nice transition from their old sound, but not as vast a move as on Roll the Bones.

Grace Under Pressure is my favorite, it is also the most under played album in history. Even when it first came out most radio stations ignored it (at least here they did, which I’ll admit isn’t saying much because with the exception of college station WMSE, radio in Milwaukee sucks!) Moving Pictures is a great album, but man, it is so over played on the air I can longer stand it.

Another vote for Roll the Bones. I think it’s because it was the first Rush album I knew, having just come out when I started to develop taste in music.

The main problem I have with RTB is its production. It sounds so… thin and flat, if that makes sense. Compare it to the fat rocky sound on Counterparts, and you know what I mean. Still, RTB has some great songs on it. “Bravado” will be played on my funeral, for example.

I vote for the other P.W.: Power Windows. It combines power and dream imagery most effectively. Also, Test for Echo really rocked and every song is strong.

The Rush musicians thought Signals was weak but I must disagree. I enjoy it most muchly! Then again, I thought “Back to the Egg” was Wings’ best album so I may be in the minority. :slight_smile:

I can’t fairly judge anything after Grace under Pressure 1985-2001 but will cast my vote for Moving Pictures.

Tom Sawyer - A classic.
Red Barchetta - I can actually see myself in the race.
YYZ - don’t even get me started.
Limelight - "get on with the fascination "

Grace Under Pressure and A Farewell to Kings are both superb; I think the former is probably the better overall album package.
My “desert island” Rush album is definitely Different Stages - if I could only have one, that is.

A Rush Album Critique - Signals

Exit…Stage Left

spooje picks ‘Permanent Waves’ as the high water mark for modern music. Followed closely by ‘Exit…Stage Left’ and ‘Moving Pictures’.