The results of the death door so far

Up until today my brother smelled like a combination of dirt, sweat, butt and AXE Body Spray. AXE smells great but not when used in place of showering to mask body odors. Because of this he stunk just I predicted and it was so bad that you could smell him before you saw him. We put a plastic bag over his casts and tied it tight but he said that he couldn’t get clean because one arm is in a cast and it also hurts to turn around supposedly.
He hasn’t been in the casts for a long time so I didn’t want to find out what he would smell like in a few weeks so I agreed to bathe him.
it feels weird giving someone a bath even if it is your own brother, I felt like I was invading his space. He insisted on wearing a pair of swim trunks while I bathed him (I didn’t get what that was about but I really didn’t care either way) and when I say bathed I mean putting soap on him and then spraying him with a detachable shower head. I hope when I left him alone he washed his a$$ and cleaned the cheese from… aaah nevamind.
Oh yeah and after that he tried to scratch an itch with a wire and it cut him so we had to take a trip to the hospital to get the one of the casts removed and have the cut disinfected and then have a new cast put back on.
I also learned something new and that is that; an ambulance is expensive.
You may not believe this but for the ride it cost a couple HUNDRED dollars and they charged us for oxygen which I don’t think they used, even my brother says they didn’t use it, my mom is going to dispute that but even if they did give my brother oxygen…c’mon it’s oxygen it’s in the air for free. <<<half joking :wink:
My mom’s friend gave us 500 dollars so far and has invited us back over to the house so I can fall through the door. :smack:

Ha ha ha…

She’s daring you START. Are you willing to take the plunge for $500?

If I could brace myself first.

Why is this door even there in the first place? :smiley: