The return of the pianist (my new keyboard, and book recommendations)

Having been stationed overseas with the Navy, and now living in a 3rd-floor apartment, it’s been impractical for me to fulfill my fantasy of having a real accoustic piano. Now that I’m relatively certain that I’ll be an apartment-dweller in a stable location with a stable job, I’ve sprung for a digital piano; specifically, a Korg SP-250 at a very attractive price.

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve touched a piano, and 17 since I’ve practiced with the intention of getting better (after that, it was just to maintain/remember silly pop tunes). I’ve ordered Beringer and Czerny to reclaim my technique, in addition to daily scales and arpeggios (and Bach inventions, natch).

The orders are already being shipped, so there’s no way of changing them at this point, but I would still love to hear some opinions on:

  1. this particular keyboard itself, if you’ve had any experience with it (both good and bad)
  2. these or any other technique books you’d recommend for my rusty self, and
  3. any experience with the CD Sheet music series – I have little space for storing large books, and this looks like an ideal candidate; I can print out the songs I want to work on, which would make page-turning a non-issue as well – interested in opinions on the quality of notation, readability and the like (historical/contextual notes I can research on my own, having had my fair share of music analysis courses in college)

Any tips and pointers would be appreciated!