The Revenant might be a remake of Richard Harris movie, Man In The Wilderness.

**I knew ** this movie plot seemed too familiar. I couldn’t figure out why. Now, its obvious its a remake of a great Richard Harris movie, Man In The Wilderness. He was a big star then, with movies like A Man Called Horse that came out a couple years earlier.

I guess if you’re going to [DEL]rip off[/DEL] copy something, it should be from the best. Can’t get much better than Richard Harris and John Houston.

I can’t believe I’d forgotten this film and they almost snuck this by me. A film from my childhood and I was a big Richard Harris fan. At least now maybe people will watch the original and appreciate Richard Harris’ excellent work. Amazon has it on demand for $2 or buy it for $10


The Revenant Connections page.

Doesn’t really seem it was a secret.

I was gonna say. It’s a true story. Mysteries at the Museum has “copied” it, too.

Usually its announced when remakes are being made. Like they recently announced Dirty Dancing will be remade. That’s cool, Studios can remake films any time they want if they obtain rights to the story.

It raises some eyebrows to release a remake without acknowledging the prior film. Especially when the lead actor is up for an Oscar. The whole film may sweep the Oscars. How much did they borrow from the Harris film? No one knows.

Who says it’s a remake? it’s another version of the same story.

I was careful to say “might be a remake” in the thread title.

The internet sleuths are already watching both films and comparing. Posting any similar screen caps. There may be a reddit thread by now. I suspect the Daily Mail got this story from reddit. I haven’t had time to check.

It might get quite a bit of interest on the Net, but I doubt the real world cares or takes any notice. Leo’s Oscar is in the bag. He got raped by a bear. :wink: thats great acting. isn’t it? :wink:

I hear lots of guys played Lincoln before Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for doing it.

The film is adapted from a 2002 novel written by a guy who is now the US ambassador to the World Trade Organizaton.

I didn’t know there was a novel.

<shrug> So The Revenant isn’t a remake. Just a retelling of the story.

I’d still encourage people to spend $2 and watch Harris’ version on Demand. Richard Harris was an incredible actor. This film wasn’t a box office hit like A Man Called Horse. But it still Richard F***ing Harris at his bad ass best. :smiley:

btw, I wonder how many millions of hits Webster has gotten for the definition of Revenant ? I’d never heard of the word before. Resurrected, spirit, ghost yes. A new Scrabble word, Revenant

You didn’t mention Jimmy Doohan at his scruffy best. I believe MitW was the first thing I saw him in post-ST.

Ever since Rowling announced Dumbledore was gay, I KNEW that a bear having his way with Richard Harris was a logical thing to look for…

I loved that movie. And John Huston was an awesome asshole.

The bear said, “Tell the truth- you’re not in this just for the sport, are you?”

At least one critic believes Glass is one of his weaker performances and if the Academy decides to award him for this, they’ll be cheapening his previous nominations.

There’s always one. And as for ‘cheapening his previous nominations’ the Acadamy has a long tradition of rewarding an actor for the body of his work by giving Best Actor for a film which is not his best work. (Al Pacino, for instance, for Scent of a Woman, which isn’t even in the top 5 of his greatest roles.)