The reverse camera on vehicles exists for a reason...

…and I know this. Which is why I’m still puzzling over the fact that I decided to look exclusively over my shoulder backing out of a parking space, with a point-of-view that was too high to be able to see the small car parked behind me. It wasn’t until after I hit it, breaking a taillight and ripping my bumper, that I became aware it was back there.

On the plus side, I found the owner, who was a really nice guy and expressed sympathy for me. Mostly because his car had a scratch on it (which it wasn’t even clear came from me), and he could see what I’d done to my own car. So there’s that. But for what was a short run for snacks less than a mile from my house, this will turn out to be a very expensive trip.

But seriously, that camera? Take advantage of it.

But still look around you, I had a lady almost hit me BECAUSE she was using her camera. I was half backed out of my spot when she, next to me, started backing out. I stopped, she kept backing out, I honked, she kept backing out, I finally pulled back in and I saw her, with her face glued to the screen, backing out, oblivious to what was actually going on. She’s very lucky that I saw her and that if she did hit me it was just my car and not me walking next to her car to get into mine. If that happened she would have actually hit me.