The role of the videographer (in Youtube fail videos)

This has been bothering since I’ve watched my first fail video. It is the role of the videographer and how so many are bad at it.

First of all, and this isn’t the main reason for this post, but anyone who shoots video with those fucking black bars on the sides should be shot. Most action occurs on a horizontal plane, not a vertical one. Even those that do have a vertical component (such as some fool attempting to fly with an umbrella) are better shot in wide screen.

What really bothers me, though, is the lack of follow through. Let’s understand that your friend is an idiot, which probably means you are an idiot as well, so you might as well keep recording the event as there is little constructive aid you could give in the fallout from your friend’s foolishness. This is a very logical conclusion as if you were in any way capable of more than operating a phone camera (badly), you would have dissuaded your friend from his reckless behaviour prior to his attempting his feat of derring-do.

So, do the world a favour. Shoot proper video, hold the fucking camera steady and keep recording. By doing so you will document the event for posterity potentially allowing someone to learn from this particular bozo’s actions. …Or at least record it well enough to give the rest of us a good laugh.

That is all.

I am astonished at the so-called videographers who miss the main shot. I was sinking at a local natural mud-drop site and kept begging my BIL to get the shot. He didn’t and I was forced to climb my way out, with no theatrics. Asshole.

When your friend says, “Hold my beer”, you put the beer down and start recording. If he is still conscious at the END of the festivities and has retained the limbs to hold it, you hand it back then.

Don’t find myself interested in"him," FTR.