The Russians are Coming! Russian bombers seen off California coast!

NORAD scrambled fighters after Russian bombers seen off California coast. They’re still flying Tupolev Tu-95’s? Why not go the North Korean route and use a Trebuchet?

Oh well.

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Why not? We’re still flying the B-52 which is even older. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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The Chicago Tribune

ABC News

Both sources above say this happens an average of 10 times a year. So basically, not news.

Or only news when people feel the need to make Putin and Russia out to be a bigger threat to us than they really are.

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Wait, what was the question? Is OP asking if the Russians are still using the Tupolev Tu-95 (as bibliophage already said, yes, they are) or was this meant to go in MPSIMS?

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A blaring headline, (is California in peril?) then when reading the article it states, “Russian aircraft have flown within the ADIZ dozens of times over the past several years as part of training missions.” WTF? How is this news? Yeah, maybe should have been posted in MPSIMS.

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Happens all the time with ships too.

I was in the Navy for eight years, ships go on patrols to maintain relevant certifications and we’d get sent out, on occasion, to check out “stuff”.

We’d see “stuff” and take pictures. None of the “stuff” was in our territorial waters.

The do it to us over the North Sea all the time. We send a couple of fighters, they give a friendly wave, and everyone goes home for tea.

Of course it happens the other way around as well.

I was told a dirty little secret back-in-the-day re: coldwar cat and mouse between ships at sea:

“Do you see that ship over there?”
“Yeah. The front end look like its been in an accident.”
“Yup. Probably happened at sea; sometimes ships play cat and mouse with each other in the middle of the ocean when nobody is looking.”
“Really? C’mon…”
“Well, let me put it this way: do you Really Think a trained crew would ever be That Bad at docking…?”

The want Fort Ross back.

My “cat and mouse” do you mean “chicken”? Because “cat and mouse” means chasing each other.

That said, I’ve realized news reports often refer to ships “playing cat and mouse”, although I’ve yet to work out exactly what they mean by that. They seem to imply it involves possible collisions.