The Salon (and a brief mention of Fimbles)

Ok, so, I’ve watched it. How can you avoid it if you’re flipping channels? It seems to be one almost nonstop during the day.

What a poorly done show, yet it’s been extended. The sound is appalling, half the time, you’re hearing background noise from another part of the salon, while the people on screen are yabbering away. Watching a bunch of self-important hairdressers eat lunch is entertaining?

Watching someone get their back waxed? Way more than I ever cared to see. Yikes. Seeing someone get massaged by two young blonde female twins? (Ok, ok, some of you might find something redeeming in that part of the show) It’s like watching a fishing show.

How on earth did this series ever get funded? Amazing. Has anyone else seen this? Will you admit to it?

Oh, and The Fimbles are quickly replacing the Most Favoured Characters in our home. It’s actually a pretty simple formula:

Fluffy characters run around discovering the obvious and singing songs. She loves it!

Fimbles get my vote over Telletubbies any day.

The reason for that backround noise is that it is a sound edit to take out any offensive or defametory remarks made by the participants. I imagine there is a few seconds delay on the transmission and the producer can flip a switch and prevent anything untoward being transmitted. If you watch the late night edition all the swear words are kept in.