The Samuel L. Jackson Appreciation Society.

Okay. Someone sent me this. I can not- CAN NOT- stop laughing. He’s got a way about him that is infectious. I want everyone I know to have this site.

I know, he’s done some very heavy duty movies, and is unquestionably a guy with chops. But good lord, go and listen and enjoy !!

Samuel L. Jackson.

<----tears of laughter. Have a lovely weekend all…


Wonderful link, Cartooniverse! Makes me want to dig out my copy of “Pulp Fiction” and watch it again for the first time in a long while.

Oh, forgot to mention in my last post that my personal favorite SLJ line from “Pulp Fiction” is almost certainly the one that begins, “I don’t remember asking…”

I’m still waiting for the chance to use that line in real life.


I like playing a whole bunch and imagining Sam (does anybody call him Sam, it sounds so weird) argue with himself.

Know what I love about SLJ?

Only HE can play the part of a Jedi who says “This party’s over” and NOT have it sound stupid.