The San Diego Raiders?

Spanos (Owner, SD Chargers) wants to take his kids to LA and share a stadium with the Rams, or at least, that’s the rumor. That leaves San Diego teamless, at least that’s the rumor. Spanos says moving to LA is a good deal because he would keep his San Diego fans and gain LA fans. Well, that may not be well thought out Mr. Spanos, because, there are rumors about Oakland willing to come to San Diego and play in the stadium you won’t play in.

The article pretty much gives a viewpoint that may or may not be anything more than hype right now, but I’m so ready for the Chargers to fail in this “new stadium or we leave” shtick. Hopefully, they will leave, lose a large percent of their fan base, be replaced by the Raiders, and lose the next 100 games to the Raiders.

For those of you who don’t know, San Diego and Oakland are football enemies. Cat and dog enemies. Oil and water enemies. Would San Diego accept the team they love to hate as the new San Diego team? I’m betting they would. It’s just another way of giving Spanos the finger, which IMHO, he richly deserves.

I’ve always thought the Raiders should move to Sacramento. It’s only 60 miles from Oakland and it’s the largest media market without an NFL team.

No, that would be the Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne, FL, market. It’s one place ahead of Sacramento.


Orlando’s too close to Tampa/St. Pete. In fact, you could arguably include Orlando as part of the Bucs’ market.

I remember the Raiders having a huge following in the Sacramento area during the 70s but that was a long time ago. Also, I’m not aware of any substantial campaign to build a NFL-class stadium. (Likewise, Orlando).

Sadly, the Oakland Coliseum has become such a dump that both the Raiders and the A’s have been looking for new places to play for years. Is there really no place in the entire East Bay that’s suitable to build a park for at least one of these teams?

Last week there was some noise about a group in San Antonio pushing Mark Davis to bring the Raiders there. Of course, Houston and Dallas would both strongly oppose such a move.

My understanding is Davis is a…unique character. Somewhat unpredictable. He would absolutely move to San Diego, especially considering he seems to be the opposite of Jerry Jones in what he wants out of his stadium. He’s said it doesn’t need to be sate of the art, just good enough to bring in money.

When ever the Raiders play there half of the stadium is filled with Raiders fans.

That’s not just a Raiders thing, though. Whenever the Steelers play in San Diego, the stadium’s half full of Steeler fans. Whenever the Jets play in San Diego, the stadium’s half full of Jet fans. Whenever the Chargers play in San Diego, the stadium’s half full of Charger fans. :smiley:

Correction noted. But the Raiders moving to Sacramento is virtually an in-market move.

I know there’s no suitable stadium in Sacramento, but if Google Earth is to be believed, there’s plenty of room to build one near Alkali Flats, and the Raiders can tap a minimum of $100 million in NFL money to get things started.

I find this less likely than you do. Is there any precedent in sports history for a team moving into a market which it previously had a bitter rivalry with?

At this point Mark Davis is just spreading whatever crap he can in order to try and gain leverage. San Antonio! San Diego! Portland! Right now I don’t think there’s any reason to actually think the Raiders will be playing in any of those areas. At the end of the day, the fact is the city of Oakland is too poor to help pay for a new stadium, and Mark Davis is too poor to get the stadium done himself.

My best guess is that the Raiders end up signing a one-year lease to play in the Coliseum again, or possibly at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. Meanwhile the NFL tries to find a way to force Davis out and get someone with money to buy the team.

Closest thing to a new East Bay stadium was the A’s Cisco Field project in Fremont, just north of San Jose near the south end of the Bay. Importantly, this is just north of the Santa Clara county line which the Giants have territorial rights over. But that never really got very far. A’s then tried to sue MLB into letting them build a stadium in downtown San Jose, but that ended badly for the A’s, thanks to the baseball antitrust exemption.

The Raiders’ only real viable local option is the Coliseum City project, which redevelops the land where the current stadium is.

Or become a tenant at Levi’s Stadium.

I’ve been saying that Davis should get over himself and just move into the new Levis stadium and become room-mates with the 49ers. That is also a rivalry, but at least he can keep the team in the Bay Area close to an existing fan base. I understand the stadium was build with this in mind - it has two home team locker rooms. It makes no sense to construct another new football stadium in the region.

Sacramento should be out for sure - the jury is still out on if the new Kings basketball area will be the great jobs and redevelopment creator or a huge white elephant. Right now they are angling for a new soccer stadium already, so football would be a distant interest unless some major non-public $$ are floated. I cannot see that happening.

I for one will be really pissed if San Diego gets conned into spending money on a stadium for The Raiders. Of course I am not in favor of spending much money to keep the Chargers in town either. But to spend money to get the Raiders is just abuse.

(Former L.A. Raider season ticket holder) This is all essentially correct. You forgot: Plus, the NFL doesn’t believe he has the personal ability to monetarily, much less professionally manage a modern NFL franchise. [SIZE=“1”](And wasn’t his name Rusty back when the old man was still around? Gratuitous insult. I was there, man.)[/SIZE] He’s going nowhere. He can’t share a stadium with the 49ers, but he wanted to go all spoony with Spanos. I can’t even imagine the level of depredation there. But he only gets the chance if Spanos joins the Rams. Spanos thought he had a fully leveraged deal to get a new stadium and thought sharing it with the (lesser) Raiders was worth the deal. All Opium, as Ms. Palin calls it. NFL liked the fact that that Kroenke had his own money, and property, and had lit the candle that was going to make this happen one way or the other. Also, as reports say, he’s basically writing the NFL a check for the half-billion dollar relocation fee that he probably, at this point, considers a bargain. Yeah, it will probably be leveraged too. But that still leaves the fact that Kroenke pretty much wants that half-billion bucks back from Spanos to get into the stadium deal. Especially if he expects to participate in stadium naming rights. The alternative: he’s a renter. Not what he had in mind. Kroenke wins. Everybody else got to work there own shit out.

I think thats the problem with the San Diego move. As an Eagles fan, I would never accept the Redskins, Giants or Cowboys representing my city.

Only possible example I can think of are the San Diego Clippers moving to Los Angeles in the backyard of “rival” Los Angeles Lakers, though I doubt Angelino basketball fans were hardly up in arms.

Levi’s Stadium is a viable option; its only an hour drive from Oakland. Has the potential of being the Giants Stadium of the West, with the Raiders as the red-headed tenant step-child like the lowly Jetties. An hour sounds like a long time; keep in mind thats a lot less time than many Giants and Jets fans have to drive less than 20 miles to get to their home games at Metlife.

If not I think the NFL needs to get Davis to divest himself of the Raiders, and get a new owner. The days of NFL owners fleecing taxpayers for their licensed seat stadiums are dying out, and i feel the model going forward is if you want a new stadium for your $2-5 billion franchise, you can afford to build it yourself.

I suspect the Chargers are announcing the move only to show the SD authorities they weren’t bluffing, and that soon enough there will be a new stadium deal there. Then the Raiders can move to LA again.

A realtor was quoted on the news as saying that several of the Chargers had contacted him about selling their SD homes. No names given though. They might know the move is inevitable.

I can’t see San Antonio as an NFL city, even though they’ve made numerous attempts at attracting a football team.

There’s not enough of a corporate base to pay for luxury boxes, and the city’s General population isn’t affluent enough to buy season tickets.

The Raiders will end up in SLC.