The Scene Outside My Window

So it’s a blazing hot Tucson Sunday afternoon. I’m curled up on the couch watching In the Company of Men. Just started it, so only impression of it so far is, “God, I hate that guy!”

Me being me, I can’t just sit down and watch an entire movie. I gotta get up, check my email, get a soda, look out the window… Hey, somebody’s doing something out there in the parking lot. Hmmm, let’s watch.

Looks like two women trying to tow a car. The towee has been red-stickered by the management, which means “Move this no-runnin’ piece of crap immediately”. The tower pulls the car out of the parking space headed for the driveway. Oops, the rope came off. The women put the rope back on, move four feet. Oops, the rope came off. This time much discussion and handling of the rope ensues. Neighborhood children drift over, some time is spent shading the sun with hands, and discussing. And discussing. Hood is popped open, rope is handled, discussion continues. They are going to attempt to tow the car out into the street now.

I think I will take a little walk. This might be entertaining.

They’re trying to tow a car with a rope? You’re right trublmakr, that should be entertaining.

Outside my kitchen window, I can see my neighbor’s deck. I’ve been in the kitchen about 30 times since 10 a.m. and my neighbor has been leaning against the railing, looking down the yard every time. Nearing 10 hours. I feel the urge to go see if she’s still there.

Well. It ended badly. I had a feeling that it would.

They got the car out to the road and were attempting to turn left, across traffic. The rope, of course, broke again into the turn. A teenager coming towards them didn’t stop in time, and crash. A minor crash, the teenager was only going about 20. I had thought to grab my cell phone, so I called 911. It didn’t appear that anyone was hurt, but an ambulance came along with the police and that’s where I went home.

Stupid people suck.

A few days ago we noticed a truck pulling a van via a chain. But it wasn’t a rigid chain, so it alternated between having slack and being taut. To avoid having the van run into the back of the truck every time the truck stopped, there was a driver in the van who’d apply the brakes.

My husband and I watched them go by and then both shook our heads at their stupidity. It was an accident just itching to happen.