The science of striking a pose

I have a very early new years resolution. I want to learn how to pose better.

See I’m not someone for whom posing comes naturally. I guess I don’t look ridiculous when I resume normal posture, but for some reason I can never seem to look as good as those guys in catalogues (please bear in mind, I obtain these catalogues exclusively to ogle the women). They always seem to strike a far more seductive tone than I can. Basically they look really cool.

I was wondering is there any scientific reason for this? Why when I tilt my head to the side does it just instinctively look really good (as many others have noted)? Is it because I have a long/short face or long/lean or short/stubby body?

Has anyone ever tried to characterise this question in a scientific way?

For example, there is a phenomenon called IIRC “vertical appreciation” (I have a very rough memory of this). Basically if you wear pinstripes that run along your body in a vertical direction it gives the impression of tallness/slender, whereas horizontal pinstripes give a short/wider look.
Can something similiar apply to the “science” of posing/posture?

The people in catalogs look good because there’s a photographer telling them what to do:
“Tilt your head to the left… No, your other left, dear… A bit more… No, not that much… Now turn your head a bit to the right… No, just your head… ::walks over and grabs subject’s head and moves it into position:: Now don’t move. I SAID DON’T MOVE!” etc.

Yes, there are rules for what looks good. Go to your local bookstore or library and see if you can find a book on portrait photography. That’ll tell you everything you want to know. I’d give you a link, but the only things Google gives me are people selling the books about it.

If you want to know why all that stuff makes people look good, you get into complicated theory about proportions and aesthetics and such. Take an art appreciation class, for a start.

Oooh, darling, you must make love to the camera…

Doth thou protest too much? :wink:

Anyway, don’t forget that the photographers take hundreds of pictures and you’ll only see the one or two best. The “posing” skill of the model is highly overrated.

I tried that, but I hate how cum shots look on photographs

Hee-hee, methinks so too.

My advice: Go into a gay bar and observe. Try to imitate people. If someone **hits on **you, you’re doing something right. If someone **hits **you, you’re doing something wrong.

Don’t try this if you notice you’re the only one there not wearing leather.