The Scooter and the dashboard light

In 1977, Meat Loaf released an album called ‘Bat Out Of Hell’. I have since bought the CD of same, and I was comparing liner notes with my original LP. In the song ‘Paradice By The Dashboard Light’, New York Yankee hall of famer is heard giving baseball play by play as Meat Loaf tries to go ‘all the way’ with the female adversary in the song. In the liner notes, he mentions the Scooter thusly: ‘Baseball play by play Phil (Scooter) Rizzuto (all star Yankee shortstop and voice of the New York Yankees.’
My question: Did Rizzuto sit in a studio and record for this song, or, was real play by play taken from a Yankee game that Rizzuto broadcast?

Remembering from a interview with Meat Loaf, long ago. He wrote a script for Rizzuto to say, based upon many of Scooter’s catch phrases. He also said Rizzuto’s first few takes were in a monotone voice. It took a lot of takes to make Rizzuto sound like Rizzuto.