The SDMB Lolcat

This lolcat is obviously an SDMB member.

Proper grammar. Unusual for a lolcat.


Lib, is that you?

Haha. me like. Oops. :smiley:

Very good! However, that cat looks a bit scary: surely the S.D.M.B. would have a friendlier face.

[edited because half of the post was eaten by gremlins. Or possibly gremlinZ.]

lol indeed!

Funny, I’ve been meaning to ask about LOLcats. I have the application on my Facebook and I enjoy it, but I really don’t know what the story behind it is. I thought no one on here would know what I was talking about though. . . :wink:

Well, that’s an argument with some teeth.

My favorite Lolcat ever!

Basically a forum of complete insanity and stupidity called 4chan started a tradition of “Caturday” where people posted pictures of cats with grammatically challenged captions on Saturdays. This tradition quickly spread, eventually consuming the entire internet.
And that’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:

I has a link.

In fact I think there are now at least four LOLcats threads on the SDMB, some of which require a certain level of prior LOLcats savvy to understand. For once I am riding the crest of an internet meme wave, and it feels good. (Usually I come upon references after the fact, and think, “What the hell was that about?”)

Edit: did I link to this very thread in my original post? I did. :smack: Um, look, it’s Ceiling Cat, over there!

Thanks for the info. . .but I’m not sure if my ignorance was fought today, or if I am now more ignorant for this greater understanding of LOLcats.