The secret to clear Coke.

Interesting experiment. Clear Coke. Most definitely not something that can be drunk later.

I’m curious now if Coke is naturally a clear drink (like 7 UP and Sprite) and they just add a dye to color it?

I don’t know if it’s clear before they color it with caramel color, but they definitely do color it- on the Coke Zero can I’m drinking, caramel color is the #2 ingredient behind water, and I suspect on regular coke it’s probably in the top 5.

Brown soft drinks in general are colored with caramel color.

There was a clear coke in 1992. I tried it once. It was awful. It didn’t last long.

There was also one in 1940, but that was slightly before my time.

That must be what the bleach neutralized. Leaving clear Coke behind.

I noticed the Coke still fizzed up after he began stirring. So the Coke’s carbonation wasn’t effected.

Oh, and it seems that adding milk to cokemakes it go clear.

Crystal Pepsi and Tab Clear. How soon we forget.

And of course, Crystal Gravy.

It didn’t take long to forget post #4

But your post mentioned clear Coke, not Tab. They wouldn’t know you meant Tab unless they bothered to click the link.

That looks suspiciously like corn syrup. :wink:

Incidentally, if I may thread jack, I immediately knew that ad was fake when they flashed “The world wasn’t created in six days” caption. There’s no way a major company would risk alienating fundie consumers by putting a “controversial” message like that in their commercial.

If you leave an opened bottle of coke out in high-UV sunlight (for example, a New Zealand summer) the black coke colour will fade as a result of UV light bleaching. It won’t go completely clear, though, but should be drinkable at the end of the process.
I have observed this with discarded partial coke bottles, but have never tried the experiment with an unopened bottle to taste the final result.