The Shame of Down Under

First the Aussies gave the world Bananas in Pajamas. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present the Wiggles. I know, your shock and profound horror probably leave you as speechless as am I. I was introduced to the banality when my ex-wife sent one of their videos home with our son. He watched. And I was sent to the bathroom with bowel trouble.

Why is it that one grown man (Mr. Rogers, Steve from Blue’s Clues) or a grown man and a woman or women (New Zoo Revue, Skinnamarink, The Elephant Show) doing silly kid-type things on a kid’s TV show are non-creepy, but four grown men doing the same just makes my skin crawl?


Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children!

Uhh, Mr. Blue Sky, it looks like someone is. Waaay too much!

Hm. I have to say something, but I’m not sure what.

I was exposed to the Wiggles a few years ago, while in Australia. Yes, they were banal. Yes, they sent me out to the back of the house with my coffee, my newspaper, and my pipe. But yes also, they kept my nephews entranced, occupied, and quiet. And that took some doing, so the Wiggles have my thanks.

They really aren’t that bad, Dorothy the Dinosaur notwithstanding. All you have to do is to make arrangements not to be around when the kids are watching. You don’t have to go far; just out of earshot of the songs and the jokes (stay away when Captain Feathersword is on), and you’ll be all right.
And weren’t they on the Today Show last year? Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I believe they were in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this past year as well. Gave me the willies…


Look mate, we’ve had to put up with the little bastards for years!

Just think of it as our revenge for Barney and it all makes sense.

Yes indeedy-do, we like to SHARE our ‘talent’ with the rest of the world.

We’re sick of 'em now…you can have them!
But don’t laugh too soon…it turns out the fawning-four (and Dorothy) are currently bringing in the ‘Business Review Weekly’s’ Top 500 earners in our fine land. Mega-bloody millionaires they are. Not bad for a few drongo’s who dropped their university studies to prance around a stage for adoring 3 year olds.

If your kids are into them, don’t worry. They do grow out of it eventually, then you’ll have to put up with Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue on the DVD’s.
I dunno what’s worse.

No, won’t someone PLEASE think of US! By the time we’re senile, drooling idiots, the kids that have been exposed to that show (during the prime years of development), will be the doctors, nurses, and other assorted folks that take care of us! How’s that thought for ya? I know what I’m thinking: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Bananas in pajamas
are coming down the stairs;
Bananas in pajamas
are pulling out my hair

Is that how the song goes?

Has America been subjected to Yowie Power yet? That has an interesting road show for the wee kiddies, sometimes …

Despite the defective yurts.

I thought a yurt was some kind of a hut…

I saw the Wiggles in 1985 when they were a struggling pub band called The Cockroaches, playing to beer-soaked Sydney audiences in cheap bars. I guess they’re making more money by slowly sending Australian, and now American, parents insane. Good on 'em. :smiley:

They’re the Cockroaches?!? I knew the (former) lead singer looked familar but… Shit! I used to go out with a girl who went drinking with Murray (purple shirt) once. He got so drunk that he fell over in front of a car and nearly got hit. They later went back to a friend’s and smoked some joints. She told me she then came to one of those realisations pot heads come to, “Oh my God! I nearly saw a Wiggle get killed!”

She also nearly vomited (food poisoning) on Adam Gilchrist’s* feet too this one time (at band camp).

*Aussie cricket player

Oh come on guys, we’re going to start getting all self-indulgent and talking about the Doug Anthony Allstars next. BTW, Paul McDermott is MINE - there’s just this kinda problem about me being female and him being gay. I’m sure that redboss can find a “Safeway” solution to this problem…

just when i finally got the bannas song outta my head …

For 5 years my brother would watch them before he went to school and he even bought a banna that played the song when ya hugged it

You gave us Elmo - you think The Wiggles are bad? Wai until you encounter The Tweenies.


methinks there’s some confusion here. Murray Cook wears red , it’s Jeff Fatt who wears purple.

I reckon I could put up with any amount of Kylie Minogue… as long as I can have the sound on mute and just watch the video. :wink: