The Shark Attack, Or What I Miss When I am Studying

So it’s finals tomorrow, and yes, I am procrastinating by posting here.

I have been studying all day, but my friend asked me to babysit while she went to see a friend who is moving. The kids are in bed, so I just read my book on the Salem witch craze and hang out.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend goes out with a couple of friends. They have a small (maybe 10 foot) fishing boat, and head out to a nearby island. Once there, they get harassed by a wild boar, and the mosquitoes eat them alive, so they start heading back to shore.

Paddling along… there’s a splash nearby. Nothing to worry about. Suddenly, a bull shark lunges out of the water and goes for the oar. Like any normal person, my boyfriend tries to move as quickly as possible away from the threat, and by doing so… he capsizes the boat. His two friends go in the water, but he manages to grab onto the other side of the boat, so for a split second he’s standing on the one side (gunwale? bulwark?) of the boat, holding onto the other side, and somehow is able to right the boat again without going into the water himself. His friends scramble in, and they get the f*&% outta Dodge.

So he picks me up after babysitting, we grab some food and go home. He’s wearing nothing but a towel, because his clothes got soaked rowing home in the swamped boat. We’re talking, he’s petting the cat.

Apparently, his balls were doing that thing that balls do sometimes where they move by themselves. I guess the cat, sitting on the floor, has a good view of this, because he suddenly takes a swipe at his balls.

And makes contact.

So, he’s narrowly avoided being attacked by both a shark and a wild boar this evening, and it’s my cat that sinks his claws into the family jewels.

Bad night for the SO. :eek:

And so, to make the night perfect, you had to share it with us on the Dope? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the story. I hope he’s not too badly mauled by the tiger. And very glad he escaped the shark.

Great post - so sorry for the SO! But at least his sacrifice was to our benefit on the Dope!!