The Sheldon-bot has become a reality.

Pretty cool.

Imagine walking in to Home Depot and having one of these things help you out. :slight_smile:

Seeing as how I’m in Home Depot every other day and most of the employees don’t know shit, yeah I can imagine it. Very cool.

Great, but what does it actually do? Go around saying, “Danger Will Smith!”?

This page reads like a “marketing” website, selling you a virtual pig in a cyber poke. Not that I doubt the usefulness of the thing.

iRobot is the company that developed the Roomba.

I’ll take two.

The site appears to be broken but there is a tab labled ‘potential applications’ that would normally give you a whole list of things it could or can do.

Some of which are:

Customer service attendants at big lot stores. Don’t know where the 1/4" PCV pipe is at? Just ask the robot.

Remote doctors: Doctors can log into the bot and examine people from half a world away or three floors down.

Security patrol.

The options are limited to your own imagination really.

[nitpick]Will Robinson[/nitpick]

Fresh Robot of Bel-Air

Heh, Will Smith played in I Robot.

I dunno…that thing will never fit under the couch…

It’s a development platform. In other words, you buy the thing so that you can develop your own applications. I wonder what it costs.

It’s an iPad with wheels.

The illustrations and descriptions in the “potential applications” bear this out. There is no actual interaction whatsoever, it just rolls around and can connect to the net. One of their applications is “Collaborative Work: Collaborate with enterprise colleagues through Remote Telepresence without having to travel to another office location”. That’s not exactly ground breaking. It’s just an iPad with wheels.

We have a remote camera for evaluating stroke pts in th ER while the neurologist is somewhere else entirely, granted it’s not automated, but we call it Sheldon.

Wheels that can be remotely or programatically controlled. It’s closer to putting an iPad on a Romba/Lego robot.