"The Ship" free copies / SDMB games

“The Ship” was one of the first non-valve games on steam, a source mod, but the developer went out of business and there was never anyone at the wheel to lower the price during sales, so the multiplayer died out long ago.

Some new owners bought up the game and said they were going to make some improvements and try to kickstart it again. As part of their effort to revive it, they gave everyone who owns the game 4 copies to give away to their friends, or if you buy the game for $10, you effectively get 5 copies (one for yourself, 4 to give away).

Since a few of us had the game, that leaves us with extra copies to give out. So I’m going to look for some people who might be interested, to see if we can get some SDMB games going.

The premise is… you’re on a luxury liner from the 30s or so, along with up to 32 people. Everyone on this cruise has a target - someone they have to assassinate - but that also means you’re the target of someone else. You roam the halls trying to stalk your target - trying not to give yourself away - while waiting for them to become vulnerable. If there are security officers or too many players around, you’ll get thrown in the brig if you pull out a weapon.

To prevent people from simply staying in safe areas, you get sims-style needs that you need to handle. If you haven’t eaten for a while, you’ll need food, which will in turn make you need to use the bathroom, which will in turn degrade your hygeine and force you to take a shower. You’re vulnerable to your assassin when doing these tasks, so you have to plan it out.

There are also a variety of weapons, all of which have a dynamic value - the value of the weapon is the score you’ll get by killing your target with. Every weapon resets back to the starting 100 points every time its used, otherwise it increases in value. So the least used weapons become the ones that will give the highest points for killing with it. Eventually this leads to you planning your route around these things - dropping by the kitchen to pick up a frying pan for instance.

That’s pretty much it. You win by making kills with the most valuable weapons, avoiding being caught and fined by security, and surviving. There’s very little in the way of shooter skills involved - the pace of the game is slow and most of the weapons just involve bludgeoning people. Yet it requires a decent amount of strategy - to stalk your victim without them knowing you’re their stalker (if they figure it out, they can kill you in self defense), to avoid witnesses and security, to take care of your needs, to gather the best weapons. It’s a unique experience.

Now… a lot of the previous owners of the game haven’t received their giftable copies yet (although anyone who buys the game now does), but they say they’re working on it. So I’m forming an interest list of people who think they’d like the game and would play with us in SDMB games.

If you have a microphone and ventrilo, you get a leg up. As well as if you can play in the 7-10pm eastern time period. If you don’t want to wait for the giftable copies for old players to be worked out and you have some friends that might try, buy a copy - you effectively get 5 copies for $10 for $2 a pop.

I’d be in. Don’t have a paypal account, but I could always gift a different $2 game back to whomever can send me a copy.

Paying wouldn’t be necesary, just trying to spread the game to people who might like it, and so we can get more SDMBers in a game rather than filthy pubs.

I’m up for it.

I’m interested as well.

Ooh, I’d like to play but I would expect to die early and often.

I’m in. Sounds really interesting.

Ok, the devs figured out why some people weren’t getting their extra copies, but they also said it’d take a few days to fix, so I might’ve been a little premature on the thread. They made it sound like it’d be fixed sooner.

So anyway, for the free extra copies it’ll be a few days at least. Or if you guys want to split a pack, it’s $10 to get 5 copies, really pretty reasonable. One guy can buy it and then people can gift him back a $2-2.50 game he wants later in the sale maybe. (This only affects old accounts due to the way steam internally lists old purchases, new copies work right) I’ll keep you updated.

that looks really, really cool.

How long does a typical game take? And do you win by being the last man standing?

I’d be interested…sounds like fun.

I’ll buy into a 5 pack for $10.

Yeah, sorry, still waiting on a fix. The issue apparently is that steam updated their database structure at some point over the years, and people who bought the game before then are tracked in a different way than people bought it later, so that whatever they did affected only the later people, and the people who bought the game years ago are still waiting on their extra copies. They’re working on it.

Well they’re starting to fix it. One of my friends got his copies today, but another in the same boat didn’t yet. So I guess it’s a process. Handing out copies as I get them.

Those of you who aren’t on my steam friends list already, add me (SenorBeef) so I can get it to you. And also for when we organize SDMB games.

Woops, forgot to answer this.

There are two basic modes - hunt and elimination. In hunt, every person gets one target, and one hunter, and there’s a set time limit, 90-120 seconds typically. You have to kill your target in this time limit, and avoid your hunter for the duration.

And elimination. No fixed time limit. When you kill your target, you then take on the target that they were hunting, so if you’re good, you can have multiple kills in one round. Eventually you’ll get down to two people hunting each other, and the last man standing is victorious. This is the mode I prefer.

As far as how long a game takes - you keep playing rounds until you hit your score limit or time limit, so it can last as long as you’d like. I tend to aim for around a half hour per map.

We’ve distributed about 20 copies. Working on getting the last few, but some of the people who owned the game long ago and have extra copies to give are rarely around. If you haven’t gotten it yet, add me on steam, and I’ll get it to you when hopefully I get in contact with the remaining people with the extras.

Now that we have enough people though I’m going to start hosting SDMB games. I strongly recommend getting ventrilo because voice chat enhances the experience and the game doesn’t have it built in. Even if you don’t have a mic, it’s better that you can hear us talk, especially if you’re new and you might have questions about the game.

Once you have it installed, add a server, hostname vent3.gamespeak.com port 4303 password deathrays.

I’d be interested if you’re still looking for people. I couldn’t get ventrillo working on my PC during the draft but I might be able to sort it out given more time.

Right now I’m waiting on getting more extras, the demand has been high (lots of people asking me on steam rather than posting to the thread).

For the rest of us that currently have it, I’m going to try to get an SDMB intro game going in about 2 hours at 8 eastern/5 pacific. Join us on ventrilo so we can explain the game over voice.

Installing the game now and have Vent running and it seems to test ok.

I’d be interested.

Starting soon. Server will be named SDMB, password cecil. Hop on ventrilo (server info in post #15) too.