The "Shoulda quit while you were ahead" thread

Early 90’s at a festival in downtown Detroit. 3 guys, 2 girls wandering, seeing sights, tasting the food. We all come upon an argument between 2 guys. As best as could tell, it was about which one of them was going to ‘holler at’ this one girl. We never got the full story like who was there first and stuff like that.

One guy was outweighed by about 60-70 lbs. He would lose a street fight with the other guy. The other 2 guys I was with step in with “We’re all brothers… There’s too many women out here for this…” and calm things down. The situation was jovial for a second. Inexplicably, perhaps emboldened by the fact that 2 guys stood between them, smaller guy starts popping off at the mouth. Bigger guy rushes him and starts swinging. As we were leaving, one of my friends remarks, “Let that motherfucker get his ass beat.”

Let’s hear your stories.