The Shredded Chicken Catastrophe

Yesterday, I made terrible mistakes.

You see, we were at Meijer. That was a mistake. And I bought a rotisserie chicken but decided to get a barbecue one. That was a mistake. At home, we didn’t like the chicken. We ate a little less than half.

I had a crockpot in which I was making a batch of shredded chicken. I decided to use the leftover rotisserie chicken in the shredded chicken, assuming the unpleasant smokiness would be subsumed by the general chickiness.

And yet it is not the case. My entire batch of shredded chicken tastes and smells of fake smoke. It’s awful.

Is there a solution? Help me Dopey Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

Well, I’ve got a ‘kitchen disaster’ book that recommends adding a bit of sugar to a scorched-tasting soup. That was the nearest thing I could find to your situation. If it were me, I think I’d try soaking the whole mess in slightly sugared water for a while, then draining it off and rinsing it. It’s worth a try and might at least reduce the smokey flavor. If it still tastes too smokey to use as plain shredded chicken, maybe you could cover it in a strongly flavored sauce and use it as chicken BBQ?

Vinegar maybe? :confused: