The shuttle is up!

It’s in the air!

10 minutes in and looking good.

I don’t get to see fireworks this year, but that just about made up for it.

I could hardly breathe while she was going up. Had me a bit worried when the camera feed to MSNBC dropped out for a second. Now we wait to find out if anything got damaged on the way up.

Yeah! Now when I turn the radio back on, I won’t keep hearing about the delays. Whoever is in charge of deciding what is newsworthy at the top of the hour is much more interested in the shuttle than I am-- which isn’t to say that I’m anti-shuttle or space exploration, just bored by continual updates which aren’t really newsworthy.

Commentator: Okay, we’ve just heard that there will be a delay in the flight. Apparently, one of the astronauts has forgotten his teddy bear and is refusing to push the big green button until it’s brought to him. We’ll be back in just a few minutes with more updates.

Commentator [15 minutes later]: If you’ve just tuned in, we’re waiting for one of the astronauts to get his teddy bear so he can push the big green button. It seems he forgot it and won’t launch without it.

Commentator [30 minutes later]: This just in! Space shuttle still sitting on the pad, because one of the astronauts doesn’t have his teddy bear. Also, Buckwheat has been shot. We’ll continue to update you on this story throughout the day and events warrant.

Commentator [one hour later]: And the shuttle’s still sitting on the pad as we wait for the teddy bear delivery. Hang on a second! It looks like they’ve got the teddy bear, so we should be launching any minute now. Oops! They brought the wrong bear! We’ll keep you updated as this story unfolds.