The Simpsons; 10/04/09 (open spoilers)

Much, much better than last week. This felt like an original script (cue someone coming along and pointing out which episodes they ripped off). The ending was a surprise. I was expecting Bart to get caught at the last moment, not come forward on his own. Nor was there any zane scheme to get rid of the new (untenured) teacher. Granted there was alot of truth in his drunken rant. :wink:

That was an okay episode. Skinner making the rabbit appear was the funniest part.
Whoever did the Rodney Dangerfield voice was horrible.

Getting rid of the substitute smelled too much of deus ex machina, though I did like the line, “He’s using teacher’s lounge talk in the hallways!”

The row of muffin shops was also pretty funny.

The super-cool substitute teacher has been done at least once before. Dustin Hoffman played Lisa’s hip, Jewish teacher in an early episode.

I liked the opening bit about Ms. Krabappel’s despair at attempting to teach those children. And how distracted they all were by their cell phones (although I think Nelson only had a tip calculator). And after she confiscated the cell phones, Nelson said something like, “OK, teach us something using only the facts in your head.”

I have to admit I was a little touched by Edna’s morning affirmation, her conviction that if she could teach one child one thing it would be a great day, and her telling Bart that what she really wanted to be was a teacher. Considering that her character has been a burnout since day one, it was an interesting character development.

It’s been a while since an episode focused on a secondary character rather than a member of the Simpson family- the last one was in April (“Eeny Teeny Maya Moe”). And this one was a good one- Mrs. Krabappel in particular is a character who hasn’t been focused on in a while, and the show seems to be at its best at this point when they go to material that they haven’t in a while.

I didn’t really see Mr. Bergstrom as being super-hip- just that he was friendly and outgoing. This substitute reminded me more of the stereotypical “cool new teacher”- yet where in most cases the cool new teacher is such because he acts like a kid and is able to connect with the kids while still teaching them, this one is only adored because he acts like a kid and connects with the kids by allowing them to use cell phones in class.

I thought the episode was terrible.

It wasn’t funny, it was interesting enough I guess, but the ending was terrible.

The only part I found actually funny was Skinner turning the bunny around, but aside from that…nothing.

The ending was truly truly awful. Having Bart confess and everything was great character turnaround and what not, but then the teacher magically does the exact same thing? just explodes for no reason? It’s really as if the writers didn’t know how to end it, so they just did. Hope next week’s is better…

Naw, that sub was voiced by Sam Etic.

That was the only part that bothered me. It just happened too fast and for no particular reason. Otherwise I thought this one was funny and Krabappel has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. Favorite moments from this one: Krabappel on the globe, the conversation with Skinner, “The Answer,” Homer’s chat with Bart, and his comment to Zak, “It WILL be his last birthday if he keeps drawing pictures like that!”