The Simpsons breakfast cereal

Anyone tried it? I think there are 2 different kinds, but I can’t remember the names. Is it still available or was it ever distributed on a nationwide basis 'cause I haven’t been able to find it.

Could I possibly order it online?

Thanks in advance.

They were pretty good. My wife found them in The Dollar General store. Never did see them on main stream grocery stores. I have no idea why.

Loaded up on them at Kroger, which is a darn big chain in the south.

Currently have 4 boxes of the Bart version and 2 of the Homer-o’s (which my dog completely loves) in the pantry.

We had the Homer cinnamon donuts. They were pretty good.

Hi All! I had the homer cinnamon doughnuts as well.didnt think much of it.

rich in seattle.

My sister has a cartoon cereal fetish. She bought both cereals, and the poptarts. I dont think either of the cereals have been opened, but the poptarts are pretty tasty

A friend of mine brought me some Homer Cinnamon Donuts from Grocery Outlet… I wanted to buy some Bart ones, but they aren’t available anymore.

I did find this:

They have ‘limited edition’ Simpsons covers of other cereals along with the pop tarts.

I have already sent in my UPCs for my Bart watch.

      • I work in a grocery store, and the store I work at never had it, and I don’t remember anybody ever asking for it…?

They were even selling the boxes, both full and empty, on ebay.