The Simpsons Discussion Group: A Modest Proposal

With the recent release of Season 3 on DVD of The Simpsons, I got to thinking. A couple years ago, I tried an abortive project called “The Simpsons Discussion Group.” It lasted for a couple of weeks, then no one replied so I stopped it. I’m thinking of bringing it back. Like “The James Bond Film Festival” and the abortive “AFI’s Top 100 Movies,” the idea is that each week (last time I tried it biweekly-probably the nail in the coffin), the Dopers viewed an episode of The Simpsons whatever way they could (DVD, VHS, VHS recorded off of TV, illegal Internet download, what have you), and discuss.

The main questions are:

  1. Would you like to see this brought back?
  2. Shall it be done in airdate order or production order? The first season’s first episode ending up being the last thanks to problems overseas, but which would be the best way to chronicle the show’s evolution?

Answer if you wish, and perhaps we’ll start again. Until then, keep watching the skis…um, skies.

It seems as if there’s some interest. I’m still waiting to hear from you.

Ah, c’mon, ya gotta help old Gil! Is there interest? What? You want me to dance for ya? But you can’t see me over the Internet…oh, alright. Cha cha cha, cha cha cha…

Now that I think about it, airdate order seems the way to go. THE NEW AND IMPROVED SIMPSONS DISCUSSION GROUP (Now with more testicles) will begin on Monday, September 1 with Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. Remember, more testicles means more iron!

OK, I’ll take the plunge as poster #5 and non-mobo poster #1:

I know the episodes are on DVD, but not everyone has access to them and/or has a personal copy on tape. Though everyone has strong impressions of certain episodes, I think the likelihood of generating responses from people who actually revisit the episode for this posting series is somewhat low. Lots of details are liikely to fall between the cracks as a result. Furthermore, those who prefer some other seasons more (4-6, for example) will be frustrated because it will take forever to get to the ones they know/love more.

Maybe an alternate suggestion would be to consult the Springfield Archives and find what the syndication patterns are. IIRC, the syndication cycles are largely uniform for broadcast, and they share these ahead of time. This way, all you have to do is say, “Watch the Simpsons in syndication, say, Monday night, and we’ll discuss the episode the next day.” This way, you have a random assortment of episodes from different seasons, which increases the diversity and spontanaeity, since more people will have had the opportunity to watch said episode and have a fresh response.

Just a suggestion.

Since the syndication cycles are not uniform, I believe, it’s time to say “Arrivaderci, Vito” to this idea.

RESOLVED that television programs are most obviously done in a larger number that motion pictures,
That syndication patterns for The Simpsons are entirely up to the network,
The idea for “The Simpsons Discussion Group” is hereby abandoned.
Posters may feel free to discuss the show in grand threads as has been done in the past, keep watching The Simpsons, and, if they live in the New York Metropolitan area and get their weekly Simpsons fix from WNYW channel 5, vote for their favorite episodes.
Thus it is written.
If he so wishes, Ike and/or his ukulele may close this thread.

ABANANDONED this thirtieth day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand three, and in the existance of the Straight Dope news-paper column the thirtieth.