The Simpsons/King of the Hill/Family Guy/American Dad 8 Mar '09 (open spoilers)

About “King of the Hill”, I don’t think it followed very well that Hank’s broken nose ordeal would cause him to loose confidence in his football playing abilities. At least, that’s how I understood what the writers were trying to convey.

Foreclosures must’ve seemed topical when they wrote this episode, but since the housing market has only gotten worse, it got more topic, not less - so this one felt timely instead of late, as a lot of Simpsons current-events episodes have in the past. I ended up wishing they’d put a little less emphasis on the Flanders side of it, but this was a very good one.

I liked the quiet throwaway line in King of the Hill.
'Why did we agree to this? We had nothing to gain."

I agree that the Family Guy was lacking compared to the last new one.

The Simpsons one was fine, although I didn’t believe Ned’s magical change of heart…but I also don’t dwell on things like that too much

He didn’t want to mess up his newly crafted nose, now that it was perfect and all. A football to the face would have had that effect.

Merged the two threads.

Maybe it’s the sequel to “First Semester Spanish Spanish Love Song”

Two bad. Hate the other shows. A combo thread IMHO is not a good thing.