The Simpsons/King of the Hill/Family Guy/American Dad 8 Mar '09 (open spoilers)

All four shows are new tonight. The Simpsons get foreclosed on, Hank breaks his nose, Peter goes gay, and Langley Fall’s “American” character is at stake.

LABF03 Written by Jeff Westbrook

An amusing episode that felt a lot like a classic one. I know I say that a lot, but it seems to be the case a lot now- the writing for the show has been in a good swing for the past few seasons. It’s nice to see some interaction between Homer and Flanders. I liked how Flanders easily saw through Homer’s poor Jesus impersonation (“May I use your computer”) and his interaction with the couple who was just as cheery about things as he was.

“It’s like when we stopped paying the phone bill. They stopped calling us- in fact, everyone did!”

“It’s so beautiful! No two are exactly alike…though many of them are very similar.”

D’oh! I already started a Simpsons thread like I do every Sunday before seeing there was a combo thread.

Yes, it was a good one. Lots of very good stuff.

It was probably the best of the year so far.

But I can’t believe with all the creative people in the world, a show with the potential of the Simpsons, is still putting out pretty much hacked writing that is phoned in.

They need to lose a few writers and hire a few more. I mean you see all these ideas floating on the Internet for Simpson’s plotlines and we get another rehaash of Homer being unappreciating Flanders. (Not to mention all the other plotline rehases of Homer not appreciating his son, daughters, or wife or co-workers)

The Simpsons was pretty good. It was out of character for Marge to be so willing to take advantage of Flanders.

Was there a reason why Hank’s old foorball rivals showed up? Was that the old hippie from the co-op a teamate of Hanks?

Family Guy sucked. The only highlight was Stewie’s rant against homosexual perversion ;).

American Dad was good, but had some minor plot holes. So Roger didn’t even bother coming up with a fake address (or even wearing a disguise in front of the Mexican)?

Haha, I think that was the dirtiest Family Guy ever to air on Fox, and that’s saying something. Although something tells me they were forced to offer an alternate placement of the horse’s tongue.

My biggest laugh was the punchline to “Raped By a Clown.”

The Simpsons was good. “Flanders is nailing something to the wall.” “Maybe it’s theses.” “That would be gross!”

King of the Hill was one of the weakest episodes in recent memory. The whole premise was far-fetched.

Family Guy was one of the worst in a long time. It’s a shame, too, because the one before it (where Bonnie gives birth) was hilarious.

Were I not dangling over the same precipice, I might’ve found it funnier. A couple years from now, it will, I hope, “Be funny because it’s true.” For now, I’d rather not have seen it. :frowning:

Pretty good one-- definitely better than last week. I laughed out loud when he tried to hang himself and the tree fell on him.

Bah, whatever. I’m “dangling over the same precipice” myself and to boot my wife was due with our first child 3 days ago. I was in the mortgage business so getting work that even compares to what I was making when we bought this place is laughable. Not to one up you but we’re more fucked than many. I haven’t, nor will I, shed one tear over it. This too shall pass; there are kids starving in Africa. Despite all the figurative talk of losing one’s life going around, I doubt many middle-class or formerly m-c Americans will literally lose their life over the mortgage crisis/recession.

I try to think like that, and am in the market for ANYTHING that will allow me to declare Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7. Doesn’t mean I have to laugh about it for a year or two. OTOH, I’m more accustomed to “King of the Hill” being more realistic, and not accustomed to “The Simpsons” cutting so clear to the bone.

It wasn’t bad, even though I’m not a big fan of Homer’s complete asshole persona.

Homer: He’s nailing something to our door.
Lisa: Hmm. I wonder if it’s theses.
Homer: Eww. That’s gross.

got a laugh from me, and bless them for not overexplaining the joke.

I thought it was “feces”.

:smack: Oh wait, that was National Lampoon.

Homer is a complete jerk to Flanders. That is supposed to be funny. I hated it.

I’m just glad that the HD upgrade has prompted them to give us a bunch of new couch scenes.

Apparently they show up every year on the anniversary of their victory.

[QUOTE=alphaboi867;1091792Family Guy sucked. The only highlight was Stewie’s rant against homosexual perversion ;).[/QUOTE]

Yeah… I think the episode would have been funnier if it turned out the shot was a placebo and Peter was just using it as an excuse to act really campy. Especially if Peter’s excuse to act this way was that he was ‘gay’ while all the other homos around him were acting in a non stereotypical way and were annoyed by peter.

[QUOTE=alphaboi867;1091792American Dad was good, but had some minor plot holes. So Roger didn’t even bother coming up with a fake address (or even wearing a disguise in front of the Mexican)?[/QUOTE]

You’re the Man now Dad! Was that a real Spanish song or did it have subversive lyrics?

The first line was “The dog is my heart” and the second was something about the cat being the man of something, so my guess is neither real nor subversive, just nonsense.

Other lines I could catch include ‘Cilantro is a singer, Cilantro is hot’, ‘a cat is not good’ and ‘a cat is obscene’.

If I’m not mistaken, I also heard “Cheese is the Devil.”