The Simpsons Movie is Rated PG-13...

The MPAA has rated “The Simpsons Movie” as PG-13. Not for any cussin’ or graphic (cartoon) violence or gratuitous (cartoon) nudity, but for irreverent humor throughout.

Wha-a-a? :confused: It’s just not “respectful” enough of… you know… things, and stuff for pre-teens to view? Or did the studio somehow wrangle for the PG-13 rating (instead of PG) to attract more teenagers to see it?

They should’ve shot for the R and included some good old-fashioned cartoon sex.

Irreverent humor? What’s the series rated?

A PG-13 rating doesn’t keep pre-teens from seeing it. I got the impression they have included some racier humor than they would have on the TV show precisely because they can. And maybe they did want that rating, as opposed to PG.

Different episodes get different ratings. I’ve seen one that got a TV-14 (Homer was skiing down a slope and got repeatedly whacked in the crotch by pine saplings), and others that get a TV-PG.

This weekend we saw a poster for a movie rated PG-13 for “disturbing violence” and other such sins. I had to point it out to my wife and daughter, and compare it to the “R” rating on another poster for simply showing nudity.
It’s an old rant, I know, but it seems ridiculous that they’re more worried about my prepubescent daughter seeing bare boobs than about her seeing Disturbing Violence.

I thought Bart was going to go full frontal.

If Homer getting repeatedly raped by a panda wasn’t PG-13, I don’t know what is.

There’s no doubt that bare boobs and visions thereof have ruined me forever.

More, please.


Didn’t he already do that in a French laundry soap ad?

I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s Bart’s butt. Butts constitute “Brief Nudity”, which typically gets a PG-13 rating.

Yes, but from the clip I’ve seen on YouTube, he appeared to be sans genitalia, Peter Griffin-style. We’ve also seen Bart’s penis in a parody of the Nevermind album cover in Rolling Stone. The cover had him penisless, but an interior illustration had it, as did the actual cover. But Bart’s penis is the punchline to a gag in this film.

Bart and Lisa Sneed’ Feed & Seed??


Well, after Lisa’s filthy perfomance modelling for the London Olympic logo, it’s hardly surprising…

For those curious, the British Board of Film Classification has rated The Simpsons Movie PG “for mild language, innuendo, and mild violence.” Regarding Bart’s “exposé,” the BBFC says "natural nudity with no sexual content is acceptable in PG films. Here’s their content warning:

How can any use of the word “penis” be “non-sexual”?

Golf Clap :smiley:

One can use one’s penis to urinate, for example. Or one’s penis can be smashed by a hammer.

Use of the word, Biffy said.

“My penis is on fire.”

“Pus is coming out of my penis.”

“I left my penis out in the rain at the picnic and when I came back it was coated in ants and water and honey.”

Or just plain…“PENIS.”