The singer in the classic "One Froggy Evening" seems hugely talented. Why did he never achieve fame?

Warner Brothers “One Froggy Evening” is cited as one of the greatest cartoons of all time. The singer, “Bill Roberts”, doing the frog’s songs seems to have huge, multi-talented voice and yet when you google him up he is practically unknown except for being “a Los Angeles nightclub entertainer”. Why no fame or fortune for this guy?

Cartoon here - video link

Fascinating history of the cartoon

For every one success story there are 5000 equally talented people who never got anywhere. He was one of the 5000.

It didn’t help that he would only sing when just this one guy was around.


And also at least 1000 even more talented people who never got anywhere. There are far more talented musicians than the market can support.

Being uncredited on the one thing where the whole country actually heard him sing probably didn’t help matters, either.

Shame he must not have gotten credit for this either,the funniest scene in that whole movie!

Or that he knew only one song.