The sleeping giant awakes

CNN’s theme for programming about the Japanese earthquake is “The Sleeping Giant Awakes”.
You’ve got to work really hard to come up with something thistacky.

Be glad they didn’t go with their first title idea, “Godzilla Pachinko Tentacle Porn”.

But yeah, well done, CNN.

Concur. That’s not quite as bad as, say, a headline about a hypothetical nephew born in Justice Clarence Thomas’ family coming out “Uncle Tom,” but it’s pretty bad.

Was this on the Internet? On a TV segment? I’ve been on several times today and didn’t see it. I haven’t had CNN on TV today except for ten minutes just now.

Television, whatever program is on before The Situation Room, I believe. They also called the 1984 Winter Olympics in Yugoslavia “Set Your Sights onSarajevo.

How about “At 2:46pm We Slept”?

You’re talking about the modern “entertainment” style news services. I’m surprised no-one covered the tsunami with a soundtrack like this.

More like a parody of this.

Tsunami, Oh, oh!
Tsunami, look at it go!
Grab your boards, come down to the bay
We’ll ride a tsunami today…

On the front page.

What is tact?

I’ll be stealing this.