The small victories in life.

:smiley: I just won a game of Spider solitaire for the first time. Yes, on the full 4-suit level. :smiley:

Share your recent minor unimportant victories and little happy moments.

Congrats - I remember when I first did that. After four long weeks, I was finally able to do what my wife could all along: beat Spider Sol 4 suit. :slight_smile:

I was playing Battlefield 1942, on Battle of Britan at a LAN cafe.

I like being a gunner in the JU-88 (particularly because it is so damn hard to shoot down pursuing spitfires, but so damn exhilirating to pull it off). I was doing my best trying to fend off 3 spits that were ganging up on our bomber, and it was clear the bomber was toast. The engine caught fire, the pilot bailed, and I was left to contemplate my fate.

I jumped out of the bomber, figuring I’d have to parachute onto Merry Ol England and hoof it to one of their airfields (to steal a spitfire). Suddenly, I saw another JU-88 flying a low altitude, and by some bizarre fluke, managed to land inside it! You heard right, I bailed out of a burning bomber, only to hop in another one, in midair!

I screamed, “YEAHHHHHH!!!” which scared the bejeezus out of the guy next to me (who was playing Counterstrike and tediously camping). Great moment!

I still can’t beat 4-suit. Can’t even come close. Hell, I still lose at 2-suit approximately 78% of the time (according to the statistics function :slight_smile: ). I envy you.

But on Sunday, rather than clean my house, I made a skirt out of an old pair of jeans. And it looks pretty cool. I’m damned proud of it. :smiley:

recent on-line poker story:

I went all-in ($50) with AJ of spades and two spades on the flop. The guy across from me had pocket Qs and he called (there were no face cards on the board). The guy to my right called all in($8) with a straight draw (he hit it on 4th street). I hit the flush on the river and won $58.

The guy with pocket Qs (who ended up with the worst hand of the three) could not believe it. He spammed the chat box, calling me names for 15 minutes. Finally I left the table, still up $50. :cool:

My high score on Spider Sol Easy is 1212.

Fear Me.

I’m over 19 million in Rocket Mania (strategy, level easy). This game has been going on for about four and a half months now.