The smart grid and the Recovery Act

What is going on with the smart grid? According to Wikipedia, 4.5 billion bux was allocated for smart grid development. In my own city of Austin, Texas, we are supposed to have 500,000 smart meters (if I have one, I don’t know about it - FWIW, I pay between $100 in winter and $250 in summer to cool and light 2700 sq.ft.) Are smart grid upgrades happening subtly and invisibly?


I’m not much help but I did just read an article in National Geographic about our power system and, although I don’t remember them saying anything about the current state of the smart grid, what I read indicated that our current system is not smart at all and needs a massive rebuild. The whole smart grid stuff was still in the future.

Of course, Austin is one of the first cities to be working on it, so you could be years ahead of the rest of us.

If interested in the National Geographic article, it was in the last 4 issues of the NG. My dad gets NG then gives them to me when I see him and he gave me 4 last weekend, but I don’t have them with me now. It may even be online. (oops, should have searched first… here it is)