"The smell of Napalm in the morning" is for wusses.

Here is what REAL men do for fun and country (stand under a detonating atomic bomb).


Gawd I miss the good ole days sometimes.

Are they sure there wasn’t a Dr. Bruce Banner there as well?

LOL, mrAru’s uncle was one of the guys involved - standing in a trench, put the protective glasses on, turn around and cover your eyes … :eek: Got to love our government and human guineapiggery.

Living in the first state that got nuked, I went out with the Audubon Society so we could view horned larks. I saw a sign that read "Trinity Site, " and wondered if the larks had had horns before July 16 1945.
There was also that incident in May 1955 in Albuquerque where someone dropped a hydrogen bomb on us but being the clueless idiots we are we just thought it was a drive by.

Yeah, okay, only the conventional weapons from the H Bomb went off and killed a cow.

Yeah, the old days. When we built atomic weapons just to shoot down one plane.

When the one plane might have been a Soviet bomber carrying a couple of multi-megaton bombs, a two-kiloton airburst would have been a bargain in comparison. ICBMs of course made it a moot point, but iirc the US still has air-to-air nukes in it’s arsenal.

Are nuclear depth charges still considered a useful weapon?