The Soapbox

I am trying to find out a little history on the idea of the soapbox in the context of the expressions, “Let me get on my soapbox for a moment.” or “Get down off your soapbox.” If anyone could provide me with information or point me to a source it would be most helpful.

Thank you for your time,

Here’s what one site said:

I seem to remember hearing that it orginated in the Italian War of Independance, where nationalists would use politcal speeches conducted on makeshift platforms like soapboxes to arouse national fervour. is a link on the subject written by Evan Morris. He’s usually pretty reliable.

The earliest cite I could find without any hint of confusion is only 1907.

I don’t know about the Italian War of Independance, but the idea of standing on a soap box (or any kind of box) to make a speech has been around for quite some time.