The Song Game Thread Reborn

Last summer there was a thread (well, group of threads, actually) where dopers split up onto teams that went back and forth quoting songs with a given word in them. If more than two hours elapsed without a come back from one of the teams, then a point was awarded to the last team to have posted. [A point would also be awarded if one of the teams slipped up and quoted the same song twice in a given round. Anybody up for a new season?

If so, let’s wipe the slate clean, so the score’s 0, 0. The first word shall be yellow.

Team One

  • Blue you sit so pretty
    West of the one
    Sparkles light with yellow icing
    Just a mirror for the sun
    Just a mirror for the sun*

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Road Trippin

We all live in a yellow submarine,
and we don’t quote whole songs.

Look at the stars; look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I’m guessing this puts me on team two…

She’s the yellow rose of Texas
She can make a man a king

Dunno what team I’m on…

“The sky was yellow and the sun was blue”

They call me mellow yellow…

(what team am I on then?)

TheOtherOne would be in team 1, so samarm would be in team 2 and I’m guessing that makes me team 1… ok now we’ve got that sorted:

“Right on,
Yellow Camaro,
Yellow Camaro”

So, would I be team 2 then?

“Yellow moon, yellow moon”
Neville Brothers

In the last game, players joined a team just by walking on to whatever side’s turn it was and going from there. So yes, lost4life and samarm would be on team two, TheOtherOne would be on team one, and so on.

The time’s up on this round, though…so a point for team two. If someone from team two would like to start a second round, it’s their turn to suggest a word. Words that were already used in the last game are:

Names of Automobiles
Body Parts
Women’s names
Men’s names
Alcoholic beverages

And the score is:

Team One: 0
Team Two: 1

Well, I’m on Team Two, so I’ll start the next turn with the word, chicken.

From My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died (Roger Miller)
Chicken ain’t chicken til it’s lickin’ good fried

Team 1

Chicken Pot Pie - Weird Al’

Telling lie on the chicken
Say that them eat off him breast
The chicken nah got no titty
Chicken no got no titty

  • Culture

I guess this makes me team 1:

Did you take another piece of the chicken
Did you drink another bottle of wine

From “Sponge Boy” by Uncle Bonsai.

Team Two

Her momma was in the kitchen cutting chicken up to fry

From “Swinging” by John Anderson