The Sony PSP rocks!

I bought the PSP on Friday. I had a road trip happening Saturday so it made a great fit. First of all, the system I bought was a bundle, it came with Spiderman 2, a case, headphones, etc…etc.

Man, the screen looks small when you look at it on the onset, somehow changes to watch movies with, it’s like watching a fine tv and it has a nice sound. I bought the Tiger Woods 2005 golf game to go with it. What a blast!!! Man, I’m addicted!

Well, before I go on to much, does anyone else have one?

I don’t.

But, the other day a guy I work with brought his in for a demo. Pretty impressive, I’d say. Still, I almost never adopt early on hardware. I’m going to wait for a price-drop and see what the homebrew community does with it.

I agree with the early hardware part. I do the same with new models of cars and such. The demos that I’d seen were just so impressive that I had to grab one. I’ve had just about every system since pong came out and I have to say that this seems to be living up to the hype. (for me)…

I’m sure the user community will go nuts on this, it has usb, flash and wireless technology built in. I think the only drawback will be the proprietary discs. Then again, my Nintendo DS is proprietary also.

I love mine too. Played Lumines every time I had more than 30 unoccupied seconds today.

There’s a thread where we were debating the system’s merits around here somewhere… here we go:

I’m looking forward to picking up Mercury next week (assuming it doesn’t get slaughtered in the reviews). :smiley:

Ah, yes, picked up mine up at 9 AM on Thursday morn. This is one sweet system. I can’t wait to see what the homebrew crowds will do. There’s a lot of potential here. Anyone else have Wipeout: Pure? Besides being a kickass racing game, there’s the fun web browser thingy in it too. It’s a bit slow, and doesn’t really support anything, but hey, at least I can sort of surf the web with it.

I have a question regarding importing the pictures to the PSP. I can do it easily enough by dragging them to the correct folder. Other than PSPhoto, though, I haven’t found any programs that will automatically resize the images though. PSPhoto won’t work with my computer for some reason, so I need something else. Either that, or if somebody could tell me why PSPhoto has no words where it should apparently say “Drag folder here,” “Destination directory,” etc, would be good too.

If you want to resize 'em, check out Picasa 2 from Google. Just plug in the PSP, pick your folder in Picasa, and click export (I think it’s under the file menu, if not just a button on the bottom of the screen). It asks where you want to export to - just click to your photo directory on the PSP, tell it what size (640x480 is more than adequate), and go.

The PSP sure is purty, but I simply can’t justify paying 250 bucks for a handheld when I can play better games at home.

Sure, they’re not portable, but that’s what the nearly half-cost DS is for.

Though if/when the price does drop to sub-150, I might have to pick it up then.