The space between the hard particles of my body

We all know that there is more space then there is hard particles. So why do I not see through people. Well, some I do, but u know what I mean.

becuase your not made up of particles but of cells and they are little tiny micro scopic building blocks, like legos. and if you stack up legos well pretty soon you cant see through what you have created unless you put holes in it and that weakens the structure. thats the best I can do.

Most transparent materials are uniform and the atoms that make up a tranparent material do not absorb most of the visible light, but they do abosrb other frequencies. The human body and other opaque materials simply absorb visible light. As you know xrays pass through the human body and radio pass though.

Atoms and molecules have bonds between them; the “empty” space is filled with the electrons that form those bonds. The electrons, in their quantum-mechanical way, fill all of the available space (at one time or another), and the electrons in most substances will interact with most visible light photons in a way that prevents them from passing through.

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Better 'xplanation. The wavelength of light is greater than the space between the atoms, so light bounces back rather than go between them.

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