The spherical* Earth conspiracy

It’s in the Bible so it must be true!

Well, the Flat Earth means everything we ‘think’ we know about gravity is wrong … these effect are in fact a property of the æther that permeates the (static) universe … and let’s go ahead and throw out inertia … we need to get our circular orbital motion using ætherfoils (something like airfoils but act on the æther) without worrying about some silly ‘law of motion’ … this is why the historical records George Lucus brought back from the future shows all spacecraft having wings … they look aerodynamic, but that’s just because they’re ætherdynamic …

If this doesn’t make complete sense to you … then I’ll warrant you didn’t take your stupid pills this morning … now did you?

The Swiss. It’s always the Swiss.

The Turtle moves!

This is the core reason for the original Flat Earth Society people and such. The Bible makes it quite clear that the Earth is flat. Any denial of this Biblical Truth is the work of Satan who is very clever, etc.

There have been many threads here about this. Cf. my post here.

Since then I saw an annotated map online done like in the 1800s that had a slew of Biblical quotes “proving” the Earth is flat around the outside. (Most of which dealt with the Earth being immovable, which doesn’t really imply flatness.)

Interesting …

The word “flat” only appears four times in the KJV of The Bible … once about someone’s nose and the others about things “falling flat” like city walls and such …

“Disc” not at all …

We’ll need someone far more skilled in the form of English the KJV is written in to establish this as certain … but my understanding was this idea of a Flat Earth came from some Pope looking for an excuse to off dissenters by labeling them as heretics …


Eh, belief in a flat Earth is still less crazy than a belief in homeopathy, or Reiki, or other kinds of alternative-to-medicine nonsense.

Some people are just incurious to the point they believe in things to fit into a group, and refuse to probe their beliefs for basic rationality or even self-consistency. They have their side, they barrack for it, they go to the mat for it, but they could not provide a coherent description of what their side is about other than that it’s their side, so they’re for it, and if you’re not for it, you’re against it, innit?

It’s a hard thing to wrap your head around if you’re more prone to introspection. It would be easy to say they’re all trolls, but when they troll themselves into things like, I dunno, dying of treatable diseases because their side believes in homeopathy or faith healing, that explanation begins to fall flat. Understanding trolls is easy; understanding someone who’s going to die in six months because their brain skips over the part where “I’ve been trying homeopathy” and “My disease is getting worse” leads to “I need to stop with the homeopathy” is a lot harder.

Ever wonder why you don’t hear from the group Kansas any more?

Well, there’s Isaiah 40:22, which says:

So yeah, that implies a flat (or at least single-sided), circular earth with sky canopy over it.

I spent a little time digging around their website and came away even more confused. The moon is a sphere, apparently. The earth isn’t, but the moon is. I have absolutely no understanding of why the sun sets in the west and rises in the east, and couldn’t follow their explanation of that phenomena in the slightest.

Everything seems to hinge on “if you only had better magnification” you would see things that are obscured by the horizon (i.e., the curve of the earth).

Their map was interesting, in a “look at the crazy people” way.

Aha, the elusive picture (proof) of Columbus’ mysterious fourth ship, sailing off the edge of the earth.

Good one … thanks …

Old man, how can you hear that?


Oops. My bad.

(Off to go take stupid pills.)

So that’s why they’ve been having all those earthquakes in Oklahoma lately.

The sun, moon and stars manage, so it must not be too difficult for satellites. All they have to do is calculate where the correct celestial sphere is. Then they just shoot them up there. Need plenty of fuel, so that they hit hard enough to stick.

Gravity at the center of the disc works like those old airplane/helicopter toys on a length of wire where YOU played the part of Gravity. Or something.

If I were a legislator, and NASA came to me with info that implied a long-established fact was totally wrong, my response would be “here egghead, take this money and figure this shit out for us normies.”

“I hold your budgets accountable for the veracity of ancient Greek theories,” is the kind of dumb crap a conspiracy theorist would enforce.

Nothing personal Willcross, I’m sure you aren’t a flat-earther.


Interesting, thanks for the response. I wonder why he thought the conspiracy originated and continued in the first place? I’m not clear on whether they buy into the myth of the flat Earth, that is that belief in a flat Earth was either widespread or the motive of Columbus was to disprove it.

I suspect we’ve been looking at the same site which made my head hurt too, hence why I put it to the teeming millions. The way they explained night and day cycles was that the sun was a ‘spotlight’ that moves around the north pole. If you really want to have fun check out their explanation of why a ship’s hull ‘sinks’ below the horizon. Amateur balloon footage of the curvature of the Earth are also all due to fish-eye lenses, otherwise the horizon would be flat.

My favourite is the explanation for gravity, which is another vast conspiracy;

Roald Amundsen and every other Antarctic expedition is in on it too;

We’re through the looking glass here, people.