The Spice diet????

A friend of mine has a theory that eating insanely spicy food helps him lose weight. He doses everything with Dave’s Insanity Sauce, or Mad Dog Inferno or other pepper-based hells in a bottle.

His theory is that, because the spices aggravate his stomach and digestive system, it err, passes through him more quickly and thus has less time ti be digested, therefore he gets less from the food and loses weight. The perpetual ring-of-fire will probably make him a world-class yodeller too, but that’s more in the nature of a side effect, I think.

I tried asking my nutritionist if there was any validity to this theory, but the woman has no sense of humor and seemed more concerned with my lack of a good breakfast. What’s wrong with two cups of coffee? If I could face food at that hour, trust me I’d have some…

So I turn to the medical advisors of the SMDB. Is this at all likely? Or is he doing mor eharm than good?

And no, this really is a friend of mine – while I do like spicy food, it doesn’t really like me :smiley:

I’ve never noticed a difference in the speed the food goes through my system, but it’s easier for me to tell when the spicy meals get near their exit cycle. Perhaps the internal, awful colon spasms I sometimes get are causing me to lose weight too! :slight_smile:

spicy foods are said to speed up your metabolism.

it has nothing to do with how fast you digest the food.

spicy foods make my beeeehind nervous… but to each their own.

Spot on MissBungle

In City of Joy, it was believed by the poverty-stricken protagonist that chilis reduced the appetite - thus if he didn’t have enough for a meal for his family, he’d just buy them chilis to stop them feeling hungry.

Well, this sounds to me like a home-grown version of the “Laxative Weight Loss Diet”, the theory of which is, “The faster the food shoots through you, the less chance your body has to pick up any calories along the way.”

Short version–it makes you sick, and it doesn’t work.

'Zat good enough for ya? :smiley:

Spice for Laxative effect is not good. But if you find you can eat less food because it is spicy then that can help weight loss.
i.e. if you have the habbit of finishing off all the food in front of you at each meal, then making the food spicier than you are happy with can help break that bad habbit. Yes I said it, eating all the food in front of you is Not a Virtue! Just eat as much as stops you being hungry and no more.
Cheers, Bippy (who likes it hot)

Thanks for all the answers.

I was dubious because said friend is not in perfect physical shape (unless you count a pear as perfect :p), but knew that I could get the straight shit, er I mean dope here.

I must point out that you seldom see obese people in countries like Thailand and India where the food is really spicy. Whether this is a causal relationship is a bit more dubious.

It’s dubious because it’s not true. Average real Indian meals are not overly spicy - from both a heat and from a taste standpoint. Yes, there are hot and spicy dishes, but there are plenty of baldn ones too.

By the same token, one could wonder why Japan has (relatively) bland food and a low incidence of obesity. Or why Mexican-Americans Native Americans of the border regions have a spicier diet, and yet are plagued with obesity…

In short, there’s no connection that can be drawn from this.

However - I think the person in the OP may be misunderstanding the true “spice diet”. One purpose of a “spice diet” is to be able to eat bland, low-calorie foods (un-fried vegetables and very lean meats) but enjoy them more by spicing the hell out of them.

It helped me get down to 8 stone 8, and stay there for 9 months now.

When did the Spice Girls start their own diet?


“I’m Anorexic Spice!”

And of course there is also the side-effect of the Spice turing your eyes a solid blue :).

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Two of my diet/diabetes books say that red pepper is thermogenic and recommend cayenne in green tea as a diet aid before exercise, for what it’s worth.