The staircase documentary

For those that have binged on Netflix, making a murder and don’t know what to do next there is the staircase. It actually seems to ha e been released in 2004, however this real life crime craze wasn’t at it’s peak. So some of you may have missed it.

Well I’m glad I started this thread. Ha.

True crime, you say? Well now I’m intrigued. How many people did this staircase kill?

I would think one is enough, you?

But it looks like two women in his life met the same fate.

I watched it years ago. It was very interesting and I think the guy is guilty as hell.

I started watching it on cable a couple of months ago. It was interesting but dragged on and on. And on. And on. I gave up and now have no idea whether he was found guilty or not.

I also think he was as guilty as hell.

You don’t believe the owl did it?

I’m over 4 hours in, thanks to this thread. (Excellent way to spend a hungover New Years Day!). I haven’t doubted his guilt since the first few minutes of the first episode. The thought of getting injuries like that from falling down the stairs is just absurd, and would’ve seemed absurd to Michael Peterson if he’d innocently discovered her having just had a fall down the stairs (which would have been evident in the 9-1-1 call).

But I’m really enjoying the unfolding of the story and the legal process and all that. Like I enjoyed season 1 of Serial.

So I’m glad you started the thread OP.

My wife and I watched this series (via Netflix) about five years ago. During that week or two, we were obsessed. It is an entrancing documentary – in part BECAUSE it’s “one-sided,” in the sense that, like in real life, each of us just experiences any event from “one side.”

I think it was the first time we rented a film or series based on a Doper recommendation.

Excellent documentary. Gonna watch the 2-hour sequel later.


I am quite surprised at the guilty verdict though. Even though I firmly believe he’s guilty, I don’t really think, from what we see in the film, that the prosecution proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. They never established a motive nor confirmed the murder weapon. Wondering if we’ll hear from the jurors in the sequel.

Very kind of you Moe.

As to his guilt or innocence, can’t say as we only were given the defense. The injuries do seem to be extreme and implausible. What I did feel ooze through the documentary was his arrogance.

Bumping because Netflix updated the series with (I think) 3 new episodes.

I don’t have much to say yet - only saw episode 1 - but what I saw was compelling. I look forward to the rest of the series.

When I saw the first batch of the series, I thought maybe he didn’t do it, but the recent three episodes… I don’t know anymore. It seems a messy investigation and the owl thing makes about as much sense as anything, but what an incredible coincidence about the two dead wives. Just something about how he was made me more skeptical this time than the first time.

I remember watching the first go round and thinking he was innocent. I’m currently watching it again but haven’t gotten to any new episodes. I find Michael Peterson odd and unsympathetic but continue to believe in his innocence.

Less so the Durham County District Attorney’s office.

I’m just now getting around to this one, on a bit of a true crime kick lately. I’m 6 episodes in, I think. The last one ended when…

they found the blow poker in the garage.

At this point, if I was in the jury I’d be a strong lean toward not guilty. I don’t know if this documentary set out to pick sides from the beginning, but it is pretty stilted in favor of Peterson. The DA and the sisters of his deceased wife are rather unlikeable.