The standing half-nelson

Can someone explain to me an efficient way to get out of this hold? Here’s a pic of the hold in action.

Could the guy in front not just lean forward and throw the other guy over his back, kinda judo style ?

My kung fu-fighting boyfriend suggests a “banana peel” on the hand (thumb especially) on the neck, then as you keep bending back whichever finger you grabbed then elbow back sharply into his/her head or wherever you can land it. We just tried it out. It works.

The guy being held could get a friend to bash the other guy over the head with something (frying pan perhaps), that would work.

You have to “hulk up”.

Heck, from that hold, all you have to do is squirm a little. Even if the guy holding you is the Incredible Hulk, there’s plenty of room to just slip straight out of it. A full nelson is a little more difficult to get out of, but still positions the holder very nicely for a hammerfist or kick (with the back of the heel) to the groin. A few of those, and he’ll either let go, or wish he had.

Why does everyone think that a half or full nelson is so overwhelming?


easy way out.

with the arm that is free make a fist and “knock” on the back of their hand that is on top of your head as hard as you can

they will have to let go from the pain

-x out

p.s. works for the full nelson too, i know bc i have used it.

If a full nelson is applied all you have to do is shoot your arms straight up and clap your hands while shooting your legs straight forward. You will end up dropping to the floor and should then roll out and away from the person applying the hold who will probably be a little shocked that you just vanished from their grip.

If a half nelson is applied you need to take the affected arm and shoot it straight up while rotating to the outside of the person holding you. As you are escaping the hold you are also given the opportunity to strike the holder with your elbow.

Someone explain pls:

Whose hand is around the waist of the guy being held ?

In what position is the missing arm ?

Okay, I’ve made a slight error. I had the full nelson in mind, not the half nelson. That picture threw me off, heres a better example

For the half nelson, you simply reach up from the same side that it it applied from, and pull it off.

For the full nelson, as soon as both hands touch the back of your neck, the referee blows the whistle and issues penalty points for an illegal hold.


In jiu jitsu, we step behind the attacker, bend down, grab their legs and fling them away.

Whose hand is around the waist of the guy being held ?

In what position is the missing arm ?

That’s what makes it a HALF nelson…only one of the attacker’s arms is in the chin-na, the other is around the waist.

Obvious Guy, not sure why you are concerend about this but if you’re into Olympic style wrestling (the fella’s in the pic look a bit more like pro wrestlers) you wont have to worry about how to escape because it is an illegal hold. The half nelson however, is perfectly legal. To avoid this hold, when you notice your opponent attempting the half nelson clamp down the arm he/she is trying to slip under and look away. So, if you opponent is attempting to sink a left half nelson, clamp down your left arm and turn your head to the right. If you somehow, in whatever competition, find yourself in a full nelson I’d guess that unless you are much stronger than your opponent you are basically screwed. BTW you are most likely to find youself in one of these holds while you are on the mat, not while standing…

This site has some basic wrestling rules and terms…

Wrestling Notes

You should put some ice on that.

Another Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu escape. Let’s say for illustration he has you in a half nelson from the right side, like in your photo.

  1. Drop into “base” (basically set your feet) and trap the elbow of the attacker’s right arm against your torso with your right arm. Keep your hand close to your chest.

  2. Step around with your left leg so you’re facing back almost towards him. Grab his right wrist with your left hand. Grab your own left bicep with your right hand. Hook your right leg behind his right leg and pull down on his arm applying torque to the shoulder for submission.

If he’s too strong or skillful for you to pull off the arm grab, try grabbing his hand and getting a wrist lock.

Whoops, you changed that to full nelson. Hokay.

The best way to get out of a full nelson is not to get in one, trap his arms with your elbows before he can join his hands, or roll forwards and throw him before he can lock his grip. Let’s say he’s already locked his grip and is pretty strong.

  1. Drop into base and lock your hands together, left hand to right wrist, right in front of your forehead.

  2. Step waaaay forward with your right leg and sit back. Sit to the ground, pushing off with your left leg. This will force him to the ground very hard, and should force him to lose his grip on you.

  3. As you hit the ground and he releases his grip, push back on him. Grab his right wrist with your left hand. Loop your right arm under his trapped arm and grab your left wrist. If you’ve done this properly (and it’s difficult) you’ve got him in an arm lock and if he doesn’t submit you’ll break his elbow by pushing your left hand down and pulling your right arm up.

None of this should be attempted without a mat and a trained instructor to supervise, of course.

Tell him you think he’s really cute, and it’s about time he noticed you…

You should indicate whether you want legal or illegal means of escaping and for what style of wrestling.

Otherwise, stomping on the top of holders feet might cause him to break the hold.


Don’t forget the use of biochemical warfare, i.e., flatulence.

Don’t worry, you will invariably be able to duck out of the full nelson just moments before the attacker’s buddy swings with the chair/title belt/2x4/stop sign/trash can. :smiley:

Oh, we aren’t talking pro wrestling? Then I don’t know, because I watched a P.E. teacher (and Army reservist) immobilize a kid with one while breaking up a fight in middle school. Seems to me that you might could dislocate a shoulder (I have friends that can do it on command) and slip out that way.