The sticker on my non-stick pan is stuck.

I bought a pana few days ago. Decided to try it out. I tried to remove the sticker and… nope. It would not come out. I tried again ans was able to peel the top layer of the sticker. Using water I was able to remove most of the lower paper, but there is still a lot of glue on the pan. Could it be that the really hot, dry weather we are experiencing here in São Paulo is the cause for this problem? There is still a lot of glue on the pan. I filled the pan with water. I don’t want to use abrasives or any strong product…

Coat the sticker and glue with cooking oil, and let it sit for awhile.

I was going to suggest just filling the pan with boiling hot water and letting it sit for a while. That should loosen the glue enough to let you wipe it off with a sponge.

There is also a wonderful citrus-based product called Goo-Gone, but I don’t know if it’s available in Brazil. It’s made for just that sort of situation. Maybe mix some orange oil into the cooking oil that **beowulff **suggested.

If you can’t find Goo-Gone, try WD-40 or mineral spirits/paint thinner. Wash thoroughly with dish soap afterwards.

Well, we have that here with another name. Anyway. Wont this remove the non-stick coating?

Try lemon juice.

Here’s a theoretical approach to deciding if a solvent attacks Telfon or not

Here’s a practical approach

As you can see, even solvents listed as attacking PTFE by the TAMU.EDU page are listed as safe by Only Flourine, high temperature lithium and supernovae were described as being harmful to PTFE ?

Why the difference between theory and practice ?

Or just accept that anything that sticks to a non-stick pan becomes, by definition, part of the pan.

I don’t want to cook with chinese glue and paper :frowning:

I have in front of me a container of a similar product called De-Solv-It. It contains “organic hydrocarbons, citrus oils, and organic wetting agents. Do not use near heat.” So as long as the pan is cool, I don’t see how that could harm the non-stick surface at all.

I wound up dissolving the coating on my electric skillet with body soap that hat shea butter in it. I think there must be flaws in the practical test, like possibly assuming a perfectly even, unused surface.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the few remaining manufacturers that do not use industrial super glues to attach annoying practically irremovable stickers the surfaces of their products. Double points if those stickers are not attached to surfaces that need to be sticker free to use the product as intended.

Considering that you are not even supposed to look at the latest non-stick surfaces the wrong way, let alone use goo-gone on them, this is pretty annoying.

Nail polish remover (with acetone) will take it right off.

If you’re afraid to try that then put it in the freezer overnight. The glue should get brittle and chip right off with a fingernail.