The stock is simmering!

Today I roasted a turkey “out of season”. Back at Thanksgiving I bought a free range organically raised turkey from the health food store.

I started thawing it a couple of days ago, made sure today I knew exactly how I would cook it according to directions, and in the oven it went.

The house now smells glorious. I let the bird cool enough to pull the meat off of the bones, and put the skeleton, giblets, some carrots, onions and celery in a pot. I broke the bigger bones in half, with a hammer, to expose the marrow, and tossed in the skin, fat, and tiny scraps of meat.

Tomorrow I’ll divide the meat up into several packages, to have on hand as needed. But I am thinking turkey soup, ummmmm.

Anyone else ever do this out of season? It feels comforting right now, there’s snow on the ground and the cold wind is really blowing outside.

Sounds yum. Let’s zip it over to Cafe Society.

Now I want turkey pot pies.

I’m hoping to do a full-on extra Thanksgiving in March or April. I think it’ll be a fun excuse to have a dinner party.

There will probably be turkey soup afterwards. :slight_smile:

Mmmmm. Bone broth.
Owww, my crotch!

Nothing quite like the smell of roast turkey!

Suburban Plankton informed me this afternoon, when I sent him out to the freezer for meat for this week, that we had a whole frozen turkey out there. I had no idea. I guess we bought one around Thankgiving, but we went to my SIL’s for dinner. I’m thinking next weekend we might do a proper stuffed turkey.