The Stone Roses appreciation thread

Anyone a fan of the Roses? I don’t think they’re that widely known outside of the UK, although I could be wrong. IMNHO I’d class them as the band that defined British music in the 90’s.

What’s your favourite Roses track? Mine’s got to be “Bye Bye Badman”, Squire’s guitar is awesome on that track, perhaps the track where he sounds like Marr of The Smiths the most.

Well, they’re certainly very well known in Ireland, and among indie music lovers in America. Their debut album is on my all-time Top 10 list, “Waterfall” being my favourite track.

Really wish they’d split up after “Fool’s Gold” though.

Yeah, Second Coming was a bit crap, although it got overhyped by the music press before it’s release due to the success of the first album. Ten Storey Love Song, Love Spreads and Tightrope are all decent tracks.

“Love Spreads” got some airplay here, and I bought the album because I liked the song so much. I was very disappointed with the album, though, and promptly sold it to a used CD store.

The second album sounds nothing like the first one.

If only they hadn’t been sidelined by a dispute with their record label for all those years – right when they could have been capitalizing on the momentum they had from their debut. They’d have been more than a footnote.

Yeah, the second album was a bit disappointing, but wasn’t all bad. The first album kills (duh).

At least putting out a second album got them to tour the US, since they cancelled the tour they were supposed to do for the first album. Glad I got to go.

I’m a huge fan of the Roses. John Squire’s monster cocaine habit was to blame for the poor second album. I wish Reni was still making music though, he’s a cracking drummer. I still rate ‘I wanna be adored’ as the best opening track on an album ever.

Against the run of play, and despite tailing off a bit towards the end, I have to defend Second Coming as a fine record. You have to be in the mood though.

Count me as a fan of the second album as much as the first.

Not that they are in any way comparible in quality, but the second album does have some great tracks. The stonking behemoth intro of “Driving South” the thump of “Begging You”, The segue from “10 Story love song” into “Daybreak”, the zonked out groove of “Tightrope”. It’s a great album, but will never come out of the shadow (quite rightly, too ) of it’s predecessor.

Well Second Coming was the first SR record I heard; I was blown away by its virtuosity, Squire is SUCH a great guitarist. It can still make me shiver nearly 10 years later, the first two tracks especially are just killer.

Favourite track? Resurrection… that long funky instrumental break at the end, ah bliss.

“Begging You” and “Resurrection” are my favorites, but there are plenty of good songs on both albums.


I’m a fan. I have their first two albums and think they’re both pretty good. MTV used to play their videos fairly often on 120 minutes in the early to mid 90’s here in the States.