The Straight Dope Assizes: Randi Rhodes

Welcome to the Straight Dope Assizes, where the wise and learned Dopers do pass judgment on persons, places, ideas–nothing is sacred in the Assizes!

Today I charge you all to consider Randi Rhodes, the Air America Radio talk show host and former Army member.

The rules of the Straight Dope Assizes are not dissimilar to that pantheon of great debate, Thunderdome. Only instead of two men entering and one man leaving, there’s like… talking. And scones. (If you have scones at home.) You just study our subject in frightening detail. Or, if you prefer, pull something quite from out your arse–we’re not a judgmental group. But we have scones. I love scones!


At the end of your post, you simply record your vote. YEA or NAY. Let none question the judgment of the Assizes, under penalty of torture!

Randi Rhodes.


Actually, I believe Randi was an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force.

She is certainly shrill at times, she doesn’t invite the opposition into her discussions as much as I’d like (Al Franken and Thom Hartmann are great at this), but she knows her stuff and can annoy Bill O’Reilly enough that he apparently talks about her on his show.


NAY. Talk radio in general gets a big nay, and the few times I had to listen to Randi Rhodes, I found her grating, ignorant and annoying.


Crappy ratings, crappy show.


Y’ever wonder if the left-wing and right-wing pundits have under-the-table mutual-promotion agreements?

As a left-liberal I should vote YEA for any Air America host on general principles, but I’ve never actually heard Rhodes’ show. So


Her ears are too big for her head. (As opposed to Sean Hannity, who’s mouth is too big for my ears.)

Obnoxious as anyone in talk radio. NAY.

Nay. I really want to like Air America, but I find Al Franken to be the only listenable guy on there.

Randy Rhoads laid down some of the tastiest guitar work ever in Crazy Train. What? :rolleyes:

More seriously, I’ve never heard of Randi Rhodes until I opened this thread.

So what? It’s radio!


She annoys me to no end. I hate that she’s my drive home Air America host.


I find her exhausting to listen to, and annoying when she pursues lines of thought that I know to be fallacious. And if I know it, I’m pretty damn sure she knows it, because she’s obviously well-informed. She knows her stuff. She’s more entertaining than an amateur wannabe like Rachael Maddoe. So I gotta go



Fairly overwhelming: the nays have it.

By a margin of 1 to 9, with one abstention, Randi Rhodes is, henceforth, ANATHEMA. Let her name be wiped from the annals of history! Let her be blotted from our hearts and our minds forever! Such is the judgement of the Assizes!

And now: What Did I Learn Today…

I learned that Dopers, by and large, do not like talk radio. I learned that being loud and shrill does not help you get your point across. And I learned that when holding a Straight Dope Assizes, it is good to check your preconceptions at the door. After a twenty-four hour period, fair and square, a major-league liberal has been given the thumbs-down. I’d have laid money the other way. Veddddy interestink!

The Straight Dope Assizes Man/Woman of the Match Award goes to the poster who, IMOIO*, best represents the spirit of the Assizes in his/her post (that spirit being integrity in debate and appropriate skepticism). For the first Straight Dope Assizes, the Man of the Match is…*


BrainGlutton, for denying his urge to vote for Randi Rhodes based solely on his admitted left of center leanings. He had not heard the show, therefore, it was only good form to abstain. Good show!
*In My Own Insignificant Opinion

Oh, sorry there… didn’t quite count the Eh… recount, anyone?