The Straight Dope Available In Nashville!

I just checked The Nashville Scene, a local Alt Newspaper.

It’s has the Straight Dope as an Online Exclusive!

If it is online here, how long can it be before it is hard copy?

Should we Nashvegas Dopers write the Editor of the Scene, & urge him to print the Column?

Nobody noticed?

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I’m sure a lot of people noticed, but the only person who is really qualified to speak on behalf of the Chicago Reader is Ed Zotti (or other Chicago Reader personnel, who may or may not browse the SDMB regularly). If your question is really with respect to developments with the online syndication and potential for subsequent print syndication in Nashville, I think you should contact Ed or someone at the Reader. If your question is a more general “hey Nashville Dopers, let’s all write in and urge them to put it into print” then your thread probably ought to be somewhere else.

The second of the two.

Off to MPSIMS.

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